Gone Native

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Gone Native

Van skateboards into the Candy Store, where Deaq sits on a couch. Van claims he couldn't sleep and decided to test out some skateboards. Deaq says that he comes there late at night all the time. Van checks out the picture Deaq is holding. It's a picture of Deaq's family, and Deaq fills in that it was taken the last time they were all together. Van says that Deaq should put it on the mantel at his place. Deaq thinks he'll keep it in his bag. Van apologizes for getting in Deaq's business. Deaq apologizes and says that he should put something personal in his place so that he doesn't turn into Dallas. Van thinks that's crazy. Deaq says that being around Dallas freaks him out, because it could be his future. Van agrees. Billie walks in and asks how things are going with Dallas. Van says he's not crazy (but he is), and that he's good on the job (but he's not). Deaq gets mad and wonders why they're all there at 4 AM instead of out with friends or home with family. Van thinks that Dallas needs "a serious reality bitchslap." Billie philosophizes about what Dallas really needs, and decides that Dallas needs some slack from the three people who realize what he's going through.

Dimitri yells at Dallas that he's worthless, and reminds him that Nikolai is coming soon and that they don't have the money Bailey owes. Dallas says that taking on Bailey will start a street war, and implies that they would have the money if not for Dimitri's drug use. Dimitri slams Dallas up against the wall (he's getting a lot of that lately) and stabs his palm with a knife. Ouch. Katiya begs Dimitri to stop. Dimitri reveals that he knows about Dallas and Katiya, and takes the knife out of Dallas's hand. Dimitri orders Dallas to collect the money from Bailey, and adds that since it's taken so long to collect, the amount is now doubled: $800,000.

Dallas tells Van and Deaqon that if he doesn't get the money from Bailey today, he's out or he's dead, and then Van and Deaqon won't be able to get next to Nikolai. Dallas wants Van and Deaqon to give him the money so that he can claim it's from Bailey. Deaqon says they don't have that much. Van says that they also need to save some money for when Nikolai shows up. Dallas asks them to help him collect the money from Bailey, since they have so many resources at their fingertips.

Billie orders someone to shut down power at Bailey's address. Deaq drives a utility van into Bailey's estate, claiming to be a utility worker, and drives the van right in. Dallas and Van burst out of the back. Van was in such a hurry to get there that he forgot to button up his shirt. Cut to all of Bailey's security guards lying on the ground with their wrists and mouth taped. Bailey is taped to a chair in front of the pool. Dallas demands the money, but Bailey refuses to give it up. Deaqon demands the money again. Bailey starts yelling that he's not going to give it to them, and Dallas pushes him into the pool, chair and all. Did I mention that he's taped to the chair? Dallas walks away. Deaqon yells that Dallas forgot something, meaning that Bailey is drowning in the pool. Dallas walks back and picks up his baseball cap, then leaves.

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