Gone Native

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Gone Native

After the break, Van takes off his shirt (another Shirtless Facinelli shot) and dives in. He and Deaqon argue over who has to give Bailey mouth-to-mouth, but before Van can start in, Bailey coughs out some water and revives. His time in the water clearly didn't hurt him much, since he immediately starts yelling again that he doesn't have the money. Van dangles him over the water again, and Bailey admits that the money is in a mahogany chest in the dining room. Cut to Dallas counting the money; it's more than they even needed. Van asks Dallas if he would have let Bailey drown if they weren't there. Dallas says that he was a lifeguard, and that he knows how long someone can stay underwater without drowning. Deaqon is still pissed. Dallas says seriously that he would not have let Bailey die. Am I supposed to care about Dallas? Because I really don't. Dallas thanks the boys for saving his ass, and gets in the back of the truck.

Dimitri counts the money and then gives Dallas a big hug, and says he has news. Cut to Dallas at the bar with the red banquettes, telling Van and Deaqon that Nikolai is in the United States, and is coming to L.A. next week. Deaqon comments that a week is plenty of time to set up "that SWAT welcome wagon." They decide to celebrate their nearness to the finish line. The Red Elvises play on stage. Deaqon asks if Dallas will be happy to see this investigation wrap up. Dallas says that the boys are really young, and that at some point they will be in their real life, and dying to get back into another job so that they can forget who they are and what they've done. He points out Katiya, who is dancing alone. Dallas admits that he lost himself in her, and now he has to send her to jail. Deaqon asks if he's messing with them again. Van knows that Dallas isn't. Deaqon asks what the deal is. Dallas says that he really loves Katiya. Deaqon jokes that you can't trust a white boy around a mark in a dress. Dallas says that he knows what he has to do. Katiya runs over to the table and drags the three boys out to the dance floor. Facinelli starts doing that Cossack dance move that Fonzie did at the end of the dance marathon on Happy Days. Katiya freezes when she sees Dimitri walk in with Nikolai behind him. Dimitri introduces the men to Nikolai. Van and Deaqon says that they're surprised, and that they're not exactly ready. Nikolai doesn't care. The way they built Nikolai up through the whole episode, I kind of expected him to be more of a bad-ass. He's kind of scrawny and nerdy-looking.

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