Gone Native

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Gone Native

Dallas takes this moment to pull out his gun and order everyone to put his or her hands in the air. Um, don't you think you should have gotten the briefcase full of guns away from the Russians first there, hotshot? Van and Deaqon pretend to be surprised, too. Dimitri thinks that Dallas is joking. On Dallas's order, Nikolai drops the cell phone, but another C.S.I.-style shot shows us that he has a gun concealed in his coat sleeve. Dallas reveals that he's from the ATF and that they are under arrest. Nikolai slides out his gun and starts shooting. Everyone dives behind various structures, guns blazing. Van and Dallas end up behind a tank of some sort. Van says he's going after Nikolai, and asks Dallas to cover him. Dallas shoots at Dimitri and hits a steam pipe of some sort. Nikolai climbs up some scaffolding and runs along a platform. Van follows close behind. Dimitri and Dallas shoot at each other. Nikolai stops and aims his gun at Van, but Van comes from a different direction and manages to get the gun away from Nikolai. Dimitri and Dallas both reload. Deaqon takes advantage of the respite to run out of his hiding spot. Dimitri gets his new clip in place and shoots at Deaqon, but Dallas dives out and takes a bullet in the chest. Dimitri backs up into the steam (of course) and ends up taking a bullet as well.

Billie and her crew roll up. Billie finds Katiya crying in Van's car outside. Wasn't she supposed to leave? Was she waiting for Dallas? I don't know. Deaqon tells Dallas to hold on and other platitudes. Dallas laughs and says that this is the story of his life. It must be a short story, because then he dies. Why do characters named Dallas always have to die in the shootout at the end of the movie? Does this make Deaqon into Ponyboy? Billie and her crew run in and find Deaqon looking very, very sad, and Dallas looking very, very dead.

Candy Store. Billie puts a box containing Dallas's worldly possessions on her desk. Why in the world would she get that stuff? Van asks who's going to end up with it. Billie says that Dallas had no family or friends, so it will go into storage. Van thinks that only having one box of stuff is "beyond sad." Hey, just because Dallas didn't buy into your capitalist consumption model doesn't make him a bad person. Oh my God. I just turned into a pinko for a minute. Sorry about that. Deaqon decides to take Dallas's bobble-head hockey guy. Van pulls out a bottle of vodka and says that they're all going to do a shot. He reminds us of when he said earlier that he didn't want his life in Dallas's hands, and then toasts to being wrong. But what happened to Katiya? Did she go to jail? Why can't she have Dallas's stuff?

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