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Mighty Blue

SWAT team members drag Van and Deaq off to the side. Deaq drops his gun in the process. Billie ducks behind a pillar to reload. Jackson aims his gun at her. Billie has trouble getting the clip into her gun. Van nuts the dude holding Deaq, so Deaq escapes. He pulls a giant sword off the wall and uses it to chop off Jackson's gun hand. Awesome! Jackson contemplates his bloody stump for a minute and then pulls another gun out of his waistband, using his remaining hand. Van calls out to Billie and kicks Deaq's dropped gun over to her. She slides behind a couch and uses the gun to blow Jackson away. Deaq runs over and asks Billie if she's okay (she got shot in the arm) while Van makes sure Jackson is dead. Billie can only grunt. Deaq hugs her and she sobs into his chest.

Billie, Van, and Deaq walk into the Candy Store. Billie leads them into the safe room, and replaces their badges. I thought it would have been cool if they had also placed Alexa's badge in there, but I'm corny like that.

Next week: They don't even bother explaining the plot, and just promise that there will be "car chases" and "confrontations" before Van and Deaq "go after the bad guys." Those are direct quotes from the promo.

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