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Mighty Blue

In the transport van, Deaq complains about getting hit. Jackson (formerly Male Drug Seller) says that it's time to "box up some bitches." Deaq plays dumb, and Jackson explains that he thought Deaq was the snitch, and drew his gun. Yes, we all just saw the scene that took place like four seconds ago, Basil Exposition. Jackson says that he should've known, "bros before hos." Is it wrong of me to want Deaq and Van to just kill this guy now? Jackson says it's "a matter of time before [he's] going to be selling [Alexa's] body parts on eBay." Deaq and Van remind Jackson that there is the small matter of them currently heading to jail for a long, long time. Jackson is undeterred.

Three small vehicles are following the transport van. They look like go-karts, but are obviously much more powerful since they easily caught up to the van. Deaq tells Jackson that it would be bad of one of Jackson's "boys" killed a cop. Jackson says he plans to take care of it himself. Deaq asks how he plans to do that, and they all laugh as Jackson responds, "With a little bit of faith." The three go-karts reach the van, and the driver of one reaches out and attaches something to the van's rear bumper. Another driver pulls up alongside the van and pulls out a gun. Van and Deaq hear the noise from the go-karts, which Jackson says is "the sound of faith." The Ramones start up again as the go-kart driver shoots the van's driver, causing the van to go flying off the road and roll over, complete with flaming wreckage. Weren't they worried that the crash would kill Jackson? I guess not.

The go-kart drivers open the back of the transport van and help Jackson out. Van and Deaq follow. Jackson says goodbye to Van and Deaq, who can't believe he's just leaving them there. Deaq asks what's going to happen to Alexa, like does he think that Jackson is going to throw her a party? He already said he's going to kill her. Jackson repeats this threat for those of you just tuning in after the first commercial break. Deaq wants to go after Jackson immediately, but Van reminds him that they can't, or they'll break cover. Jackson gets into one of the go-karts and takes off. Deaq says, "He puts one hand on her, I swear, I'll cut it off." Van thinks they have to get to Alexa before Jackson does. You think? These guys are masters of stating the obvious.

Three weeks earlier. Candy Store. Billie asks the boys what they're afraid of. Van denies being afraid, and Billie reminds him that he said he'd "rather be castrated with a butter knife than be sent in after the Chinese Triad." Billie gives them the low-down on one Jackson Yew, the leader of a Triad sect called Mighty Blue. Now there's a gang name that inspires fear in the hearts of millions. Oh, no! They're not just blue, because that would be scary enough. They are Mighty Blue! Fear their blue wrath and fury! Billie explains that Jackson killed a rival gang leader and took over his drug trade. We see Jackson walk into an arcade and shoot some dude way more times than were strictly necessary. He also does that stupid "hold the gun sideways" thing that I hate, and then bellows, "Mighty Blue!" Deaq points out that it's a Chinese gang, so he and Van might have some trouble breaking in. Billie tells them that there is already an undercover cop, Alexa Tan, working with Jackson to find buyers for his drug of choice, yabba. Billie explains that yabba is a new and lethal form of methamphetamine that they want to keep off the streets, so Van and Deaq will pose as buyers that Alexa found, and buy up all of Jackson's supply. Billie tells them that they should meet Alexa at Rock Star Arcade in Chinatown.

Before ending the meeting, Billie warns Van that Alexa is her friend from the academy. Billie tries to figure out how to speak in Van language, and ends up saying that with regards to Alexa, "there wasn't one guy in the academy who didn't want to shizzle her whizzle." I sat here for like ten minutes trying to figure out what Billie could possibly have been saying there, with no luck. Post something in the forums if you figure it out. I mean, she was obviously saying that Alexa is hot, and all of the guys wanted to do her, but usually the -izzle suffix substitutes for something else. Yizzle knizzle, nephew? Van laughs at Billie's pathetic attempt at street talk. Billie tells Van to stay away from Alexa, because she just went through a rough divorce. Van is offended, but Deaq promises to keep Van in check.

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