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Mighty Blue

Van points out that no one is responsible for Alexa's death except for Jackson, so they should go after him. Billie is already on it, and tells the boys to figure out where Jackson is hiding. Van admits that they might already know, and Deaq adds that they're not telling Billie, because she'll fly off the handle and get killed by Jackson as well. Van reminds Billie that they never blew their cover, so they can still get inside and take Jackson down. Billie says she deserves to do it. Deaq refuses, because he thinks it will get her killed. Billie asks again where Jackson is hiding, and the boys still refuse to tell her. Billie walks out of her office and stomps over to a safe. She pulls out Van and Deaq's badges and says that if they don't tell her, they can "go back to writing parking tickets." They both remain silent. Deaq picks up his badge and walks out. Van follows suit. Billie shows how pissed off she is by chewing her lip and tucking her hair behind her ear. Angrily.

Van and Deaq drive along and agree that Jackson is hiding at the Phoenix Nest. Van says that they need a plan, but Deaq disagrees. Van asks if they're going to walk in there and execute Jackson. Deaq isn't having it.

Billie tells an assembled SWAT team that Jackson Yew is a fugitive from the law and a cop-killer so they should "exercise extreme prejudice and take no prisoners." Bald Swat Guy asks about Deaq and Van. Billie says that they're no longer with the operation, and they should be detained as hostiles.

At the Phoenix Next, Jackson tells his gang that the cops are coming for him, and when the doors fly open, Mighty Blue has to represent. And this is the funniest part of the episode. They cut to each character like the Beastie Boys in "Fight For Your Right" like so:

Jackson: Bring!
Billie: The
Deaq: Ruckus.

Ruckus? I would have said pain, or possibly noise. But ruckus? The SWAT team busts into the arcade. Billie calls out for Mighty Blue and asks one guy where Jackson is hiding. The guy spits right on Billie's face. She pulls out a club and kneecaps the guy, so he gives up Jackson's location.

Van and Deaq walk into the Phoenix Nest. Jackson asks if they're sure they want to be there. Van points out that they lost their money and the cops are after them, so Jackson could at least offer them some security. Jackson tells them that the cops are about to arrive any moment, and adds that he already "took care of Alexa." Deaq purses his lips. Jackson says that he slit Alexa clean across, and the best part is that he kissed her while she died. Deaq pulls out his gun just as Billie and the SWAT team bust down the door. Everyone starts shooting and ducking and covering. I don't know what the bullets are hitting, but there are feathers and dust flying everywhere.

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