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Van tells Deaqon that what he did was "pretty cool," but now they have to walk. Thus begins Action Cliché #18, where the partners, having escaped a tense and life-threatening moment, immediately start joking around to show that they are not scared. And also that even though they said earlier that they weren't going to be friends, now they are starting to rethink that position. Van thinks that Cassidy is a better person because of him. Deaqon doubts it, and Van calls him "Mystical Negro." You see? Because Deaqon has now fully replaced his brother in Van's life. The dude's only been dead for, like, three days! That's just cold.

Van leads Principal Breakfast Club and Shaft to Kane's lair and gives them the briefcase full of money, thus fulfilling his obligations. Billie tells him that she knows about the girl, and they have some paperwork to fake. Van and Deaqon walk off in slow motion. Back at Deaqon's rented house, Tubby walks out the door, glances down at his handcuffed wrists, and says, "Damn! That party was off the hook!" If anyone on this show ever says "Now that's wack!," I'm quitting.

Next week: Deaqon and Van hunt down an all-girl motorcycle gang while cracking jokes.

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