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The next day, Van and Deaqon sit in a car and watch Cassidy (formerly Sassy Blonde) walk on the beach, carrying the briefcase, and wearing a Juicy Couture sweatsuit just like J Lo had on in the last issue of InStyle. Deaqon complains that he's bored, and Van ignores him. Deaqon bitches about the surfers in the waves, and Van talks about how he taught his partner to surf. This turns into an argument over who knew Van's partner better. Deaqon yells that his brother was inflexible and would never change. Van says that his partner cared about Deaqon, and kept track of what he was doing in New York. Their little heart-to-heart is interrupted when Cassidy meets up with Mr. Suit on the beach. Cassidy tells Mr. Suit that this will be the last time they meet for a while. Mr. Suit asks if she's quitting and Cassidy says she's just taking a break. Mr. Suit punches Cassidy in the gut and she drops to the ground. Deaqon holds Van back from running out to help her, reminding him that Cassidy is the mark. Mr. Suit tells Cassidy not to forget that he found her "cooking meth in a basement, doing [her] three-hundred-pound parole officer." He asks if she wants to go back to that, then kicks her around a few more times for good measure. He stalks off with the briefcase while Cassidy cowers on the ground. Van watches helplessly. Deaqon takes pictures. For evidence, I'm assuming, not his own personal collection.

Mr. Suit gets into his car and takes off. Van waits a minute, then follows. Van and Deaqon are in some sort of bright green American-made muscle car, like that wouldn't be noticeable. It's the only other car in the parking lot. Good one. They follow Mr. Suit to some sort of shack. As he pulls up, a bunch of cop cars surround him. Mr. Suit gets out of his car and pulls on a jacket that says DEA on the back. See, he's a DEA agent. Okay, that was the one moment in this episode that honestly surprised me. Good job, writers. Although for most of the rest of the show, I didn't know what the hell was going on, so I couldn't really be surprised. Van and Deaqon look on in amazement as Mr. Suit leads his fellow DEA agents on a bust.

Back at the candy store, Billie uses one of those magical TV computers that lets the data just float around on the screen without the use of a mouse or keyboard. Van backstories that Mr. Suit is actually Special Agent Adam Kane, and that he uses DEA manpower to steal from criminals, because they will never call the cops. Deaqon adds that Billie already knows all of this, and she admits that he's right. Van wonders how he's supposed to do his job if he doesn't know the full picture. Man, Peter Facinelli sounds just like Tom Cruise. I know that's not an original comparison, but it's an apt one. Billie says that she wanted Van to be led by the facts, because while she suspected Kane was behind the theft ring, she couldn't prove it. Deaqon thinks Billie is being smart. I think Billie wearing way too much red lipstick. Billie tells Deaqon that he obviously wants Kane, since Kane was behind his brother's death. Deaqon is in.

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