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Billie appears in split screen and gives a voice-over while we see what she is describing acted out. She says that Deaqon will rent a house for cash, take possession of the car Van ordered from Cassidy, and begin hanging out with his old gang members (including Tubby). While Deaqon hangs out in his new crib, Kane takes surveillance photos. Back at the candy store, Billie hands Deaqon a pager and tells him that if he hits the star key, a SWAT team will be at his door in five minutes. Five minutes? A lot could happen in five minutes. Billie says that she wants Cassidy, too. Van and Deaqon are silent. Billie, cigarette hanging from her mouth, asks what the problem is. Van points out that Cassidy already has two strikes, so she will do anything to avoid getting arrested a third time. Billie promises to cut the deal herself to get Cassidy to testify. Van gets all pissy and tells Billie that he's taking. It. Personally.

Van walks into his hotel room to find that it's been tossed. He pulls a gun and sweeps the area, only to find Cassidy sitting amongst the rubble. She says that she figured she should wait so he would know who tossed the room. She looks up, showing the bruises on her face to maximum avail. It's nice that Kane didn't hit her in her perfect nose or glossy lips, so she can still look pretty while playing the victim. Cassidy asks Van again if he's a cop, adding that if he is, she's dead. Oh, the drama.

Deaqon and Van talk in the candy store. Deaqon says that Van and Cassidy are playing each other. She doesn't know Van's a cop, and Van doesn't know what Cassidy's true intentions are. Deaqon adds that Cassidy could be with Kane, or she could be playing him, too. The bottom line for Deaqon is that Cassidy is working with Kane, and Kane had his brother killed. Van and Deaqon reminisce about Van's partner, and how pissed he would be if he knew what they were doing now. Van admits that his partner's death was his fault. Deaqon says he doesn't like Van, but he knows Van is "good people" who loved his brother. Action Cliché #15 is the two cops who don't like each other setting aside their differences and teaming up for a common cause, but don't think they are going to be friends.

Oh, dear. I'm not sure if this is a Miami Vice homage or just a quirky music choice, but Phil Collins is singing "In the Air Tonight." Remember all those rumors about how Phil Collins saw some dude refuse to help a drowning victim, so then he invited the guy to one of his concerts and played this song to him? I can't believe I really used to think that was true in junior high. That story has about as many logic holes as this episode. Anyway. Cassidy and Kane meet again on the beach. Cassidy tells Kane that Van has money and wants a car. Kane orders Cassidy to pick up Van and deliver him to Kane there, at the beach. If everything goes smoothly, Van will get his car. But if not.... Cassidy kisses Kane before he can finish that sentence. Cut to Cassidy and Van driving through the night toward the beach. Cassidy suggests that they skip the meeting and just keep driving somewhere and start their lives over. Van says that he needs the deal, but then he'll go wherever she wants. Cassidy says that he needs to work on his lying. The actress playing Cassidy is really terrible. It doesn't help that she's given such awful dialogue, but she's supposed to sound all hurt that Van won't run away with her, and instead she sounds like she's mildly disappointed that she ran out of her favorite cereal and has to eat the J.V. cereal.

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