Ray Ray

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Ray Ray

Billie, Deaq, and Van return Ray to prison. The guard welcomes Ray back. Ray introduces his son, and he calls him "Van" instead of "Donny." He also brags about how great Van is at his job, without revealing what the job is. Van tells his dad he might come see him sometime. Ray tells Van that he always liked that Van was his own man. Ray reconsiders and says, "I love that about you." Ray walks back in and hollers out to all the prisoners that all of their wives are fully satisfied. Van smirks.

Next week: A mask-wearing woman kills some people. ["I guess now we know which show is going to fill the gap left by Birds of Prey's cancellation." -- Wing Chun] Van gets involved with her and she wants him to kill Deaq. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Sheesh.

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