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Ray Ray

Back at the prison, Van's dad can't believe that Van badmouthed Teddy's work. Van explains that he didn't know it was Teddy's because he thought Teddy retired. Van's dad asks what happened next.

Van runs toward the warehouse. Deaq is all, "What is going on?" which means, I guess, that he can't see the scenes in the prison like the rest of us can. Van tries to explain that this Teddy fellow was his father's partner and best friend. Van and Deaq run inside the warehouse, guns drawn. Van finds Iggy Pop (playing Teddy McNair) lying on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest. I guess Iggy no longer has a lust for life. Little Mick and his goons exit the warehouse and look around for Deaq and Van. I can't believe that anyone would commit a crime in those maroon pants. What eyewitness could forget them? Inside, Iggy gasps that he screwed up bad. Van presses his hand to the bullet wound and offers up television-action-show platitudes like, "You'll be okay!" and "Stay with me!" I guess Iggy has heard it all before, like the rest of us have, because he dies.

Back at the prison, Van's dad can't believe that Teddy is dead.

Little Mick and the goons run in and ask Van and Deaq what they are doing. Deaq says that they heard a shot. Little Mick says that there was an accident, and that it's not their problem. Van is still in shock, but Little Mick keeps yelling at them to follow him out, so he finally does. Little Mick stops Van and says that they're going to need a new moneyman.

Van's dad shakes his head and says that Van has delivered the news, so he can leave now. Van tells his father not to do that, because he loved Teddy too, and Teddy was more of a father to him than his real father. Maybe that explains Van's penchant for going topless -- Iggy Pop rarely wears a shirt either. Van's dad asks if Van just came there to dump on him about his childhood, and points out that his best friend is dead. Van says that he wants to get the guy who killed Teddy. Van's dad says, "Well, that's the difference between you and me. You wanna. I'm gonna." Van says that if his dad puts a hit on Little Mick, he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. They start scuffling. Van says that he can get Little Mick, but he needs his dad's help. The guards break up the fight, and Van adds that he's never asked his dad for anything before, but he's asking now. I've never seen a dude wear jeans as low cut as the ones Facinelli is sporting. I think they're women's jeans. Van's dad rushes him again and the guards hold him back. Van slicks back his hair and sighs, "That went well."

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