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Ray Ray

Van tells Billie that his father will not get away from them, or Van promises to get even for his childhood. In the car (and away from Billie), Ray asks if they really take orders from that woman. Ray wants to know if there's anything going on between either of the guys and Billie. Van hands his gun to Deaq and asks him to beat him in the head until he gets amnesia.

Van goes to Little Mick and says that he has the solution to the money problem. Little Mick says he no longer has a problem and shows Van some new bills. Van checks out three bills and tries to figure out which one is the fake. After looking them over for a few minutes, Van picks one out, but he's wrong. Little Mick explains that his new counterfeiter does it all on computer and will have the order for $5 million completed four days ahead of schedule. Van points out that they got played before. Little Mick suggests that Van swing by the counterfeiter's place and check it out.

Van tells his dad that the computer whiz kid's name is Art Fowler. Ray's heard of him, but says that Fowler is new. Van asks if Fowler is better than Ray, and Ray says that Fowler isn't worse. Deaq suggests that they go visit Fowler and "teach him some old-school moves" like "straight-up shutdown." Half the time on this show, I have no idea what they are talking about. I think probably a quarter of the time, the writers don't even know what they are talking about but they figure with the flashy editing and fast cars, no one is really listening anyway.

The three men go to visit Art Fowler, who is totally psyched to see Ray Ray. Fowler apparently worships Ray Ray. After confirming that Fowler is doing a run for Little Mick. Ray says that he doesn't even know what one thing in the room is, as he looks around at a bunch of monitors. Fowler wonders if Ray is interested in learning. Van pulls out his gun and says that Ray's not interested. Deaq pulls out his gun as well. Van starts shooting the monitors and Fowler freaks out. Yeah, not the monitors! Because God knows that you store all of your data in your monitors. I mean, they were big and flat screen and all, but wouldn't it have made more sense to shoot out the CPUs? Fowler pulls a gun on Van, and Ray pulls a gun on Fowler. Ray says he's doing the kid a favor. Fowler is worried about what Little Mick will do. Ray tells Fowler to get out of the country. Cut to Fowler peeling out of the driveway. Deaq tells Ray that was a smooth move. Van just wants to know where Ray got the gun. Ray tells the truth. Van wants the gun, but Ray refuses to give it up. They point their guns at each other as we go to commercial.

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