Ray Ray

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Ray Ray

Ray checks out the paper Aquarius got for them. Van asks if they have time to produce the money. Ray says that they barely do, and only if all three of them work on it.

The Colombians arrive and meet with Little Mick, who is scared shitless. The head Colombian gives his phone number at the Four Seasons and tells Little Mick to contact him by 3:30 the next day to make a drop. The Colombians leave, and Little Mick shouts, "Where is Ray Ray?" Who is he talking to? The Colombians would totally have heard that, by the way. Although I guess they don't know Ray Ray, so it wouldn't matter.

At Ray's shop, the three men work to print the money. I think I'm going to become a counterfeiter. Just kidding. Not really. No, I'm kidding. Except not. Mom, I swear, I'm not going to become a counterfeiter. For long. Ray and Van check out the finished product. Ray wishes they had a little more time. Van says that they don't. He checks for the invisible dye with a special light and says that it's fine, and that they need to pack up the money.

The money is packed into a briefcase. Van handcuffs Ray to a piece of equipment. Ray thinks that they're joking. Van tells Ray that he did his job, and now Van's going to do his. Ray hollers after them that they're going to screw this up. Once they get outside, Deaq reminds Van that he didn't talk to his brother for nine years, and then his brother died, and that Deaq is willing to listen if Van wants to share something from the heart. Van silently gets in the car and slams the door. Deaq joins him.

Billie gives us the lowdown on what's supposed to happen. They're supposed to meet with Little Mick's goons on a rooftop, and Billie and a squad will be below them. Billie and her squad will follow the radioactive pulse from the money until Little Mick meets with the Colombians. That was a weird bit of exposition. I guess they felt like it had been a while since they mentioned the whole radioactive-dye thing, so they just wanted to clear that up. Van and Deaq walk across the rooftop, carrying briefcases full of money. The briefcases don't seem nearly large enough to me, but then again, I've never tried to pack a briefcase with $5 million. Mick's goon explains that Mick is meeting with the Colombians, and will be by shortly. Deaq and Van pop open their briefcases to show off the money. The goon pops open his. Van checks the payment to be sure it's real. It is. Below, Billie starts tracing the signal from the money. The goon checks Ray's money and pronounces it acceptable. He dials a cell phone and informs Little Mick that it's a go. Little Mick growls, "Perfect," and hangs up. Then he walks over a bit to reveal that he's at Ray's shop, where Ray is still handcuffed to the equipment. Ray claims he's not scared. Little Mick says that there were plenty of people willing to give up Ray's location for a little cash. Little Mick spots a golf bag in the corner and pulls out a driver. Uh oh.

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