Ryde Or Die

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Ryde Or Die

Billie and Parish walk into the Candy Store. Billie thanks Parish for helping her three years ago. Parish admits that he told Van and Deaq about her background with Gavin. Billie says she knew he told them to spy on her, but Parish denies it and walks out. Van and Deaq walk up to Billie. Deaq asks if Gavin is the reason that Billie created the Candy Store. Billie says that worse motives exist. Van asks if, now that Gavin has been arrested, they're out of a job. Billie tosses the packet of heroin that Gavin gave her to Van and tells him to put it in the kitty. She adds that she's done their job, but that she didn't do it as well as they do, because she didn't get the job done. Billie thanks them for staying strong and clear, and says she owes them for taking Gavin. Billie starts to say something to Van alone, but he interrupts her to say that they both said some harsh things, and that they should just move on. Billie interrupts him to tell him that he has a chive in his tooth. Deaqon cracks up and says that he was going to tell him.

Van and Deaq sit in their club looking depressed. The blonde that Van was making out with earlier walks up and asks if he's ready for his present. Van says that he wishes, but that they just sold the club. The blonde asks whom they sold it to, and Aquarius pops into the booth. The blonde starts kissing Aquarius.

Van and Deaq walk out of the club. Van says the thing that upsets him most is that they never found Gavin's lab. Van and Deaq hear someone singing in an alley nearby, so they go to investigate. It's the same bum from before, except he's singing "Waiting For the Man" by the Velvet Underground. Which is important, see, because the song is about waiting for your heroin dealer to show up so you can get your fix. Anyway, Van and Deaq realize that Gavin's factory is right there, and that he just drove around town with them in the trunk for two hours to make them think the factory was far away. They bust down the door, guns drawn.

Next week: Van's dad comes to visit. Hey, it's Robert Forster! I'm actually looking forward to that.

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