Ryde Or Die

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Ryde Or Die

Deaq and Van see Billie stop to pick up Gavin. Van asks if he should call Parish. Deaq says that Van should if he had a phone, and tosses Van's phone out the car window. Um, doesn't that phone probably have like a lot of secret police phone numbers and such on speed dial? Couldn't Deaq just have stuck it in his pocket or something? They follow Billie and Gavin. Gavin and Billie flirt grossly. Gavin says that he's "a manipulative little mammal," and no one talks like that. Billie says that she is too, and then she does a 180 for no apparent reason. Gavin asks what she's doing. Billie admits that she's not a crooked cop, and never has been, and that the club owners are going to testify against him. Billie adds that she's been playing him for three years, and now it's over because she's got a dream case against him. Gavin pulls a gun out and holds it to Billie's neck. Deaq and Van are still following. Billie tells Gavin that pulling a gun on an officer will get him twenty-five to life. Gavin says that no one will ever know, even if he kills her. Billie spots a light ahead about to go red, and floors it. As they head through the intersection, a couple of traffic surveillance cameras snap pictures of them. Okay, that was a pretty good plot twist. Billie explains what she just did to Gavin, and says that she's got him. She pushes his hand away and the car goes into a park where she almost takes out two women pushing strollers. The truck eventually slams into a cement picnic table and stops.

Billie hops out of the car. Van and Deaq start to run over to her, but Gavin is already there, and he clocks her. Billie slides her watch down to her hand and then punches Gavin, and he falls to the ground. She stands over him and he thanks her because he loves the idea of going to trial. More flashes of the heroin cooking up. Billie grabs a gun out of her car and says, "What trial? This is self-defense." Deaq and Van approach slowly. Deaq tells Billie not to do it, because there's another way. He tells her to use his gun because it will "tear his whole brain out." Van tells them to wait, and then says that he should kill Gavin, because he'll do it slower. Wouldn't anyone else in the park be watching this little Mexican standoff? Billie looks at Deaq and Van. Deaq suggests that they all kill him at once. Billie seems to snap out of it. She picks up her cigarettes from the ground (Hee! They're Morley Lights, instead of Marlboro Lights) and throws them in Gavin's face, saying she doesn't need them anymore, but he will, when he's in prison.

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