Things Done Changed

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Things Done Changed

Outside, Shadow tries to call Alton, but he can't get a signal. Shadow says that it's taking too long, and tells Rosaria that he hopes her boyfriend didn't screw things up. The camera goes into Shadow's ear, through the earpiece, and into his cell phone, and somehow ends up on Deaqon's cell phone. Deaqon and Alton continue their shootout in the kitchen of the casino. Alton manages to run out a back door.

Van and Eddie are still in the casino. Van yells over to Eddie and asks if he's okay. Eddie says that he's not, because Van shot him. Van keeps talking as he moves closer to Eddie. Van says that Eddie needs an ambulance, but Eddie refuses the help. Outside, Billie walks up to the armored truck and, unseen by Shadow, slashes the tire. Inside, Van tells Eddie that the SWAT teams will arrive soon, and that Eddie can't outrun them with one leg. Eddie realizes that Van is a cop. Van says that if Eddie gives up now, he'll only do two years. Outside, Billie tells Shadow that he has a flat tire. He waves her away. She tells him again, and he hits the window, leading to a hilarious reaction shot by Billie as she asks Shadow what his problem is. Shadow opens the door, and Billie flips him onto the pavement and points a gun at him, telling him not to move. Inside, Van tries to get Eddie to talk to him, but gets no response. He runs over to Eddie, who is unconscious, and tells someone to call an ambulance.

Alton and Deaqon are now in some sort of warehouse, still shooting at each other. Alton asks Deaqon if he's "really willing to die for that bitch." Deaqon says that he's tired of hearing Alton's voice. Alton points out that one of Deaq's bullets punctured a gas pipe, so if either of them shoots now, they will both go up in flames. Alton adds that if he gets arrested, Deaqon will be dead before sunset, because he's got people everywhere. Alton concludes by saying that if Deaq lets him go, he might just kill Rosaria himself. Alton and Deaqon both step out from their hiding places. Alton dares Deaq to pull the trigger, and then says, "Your name is going to be the last thing I whisper before I cut her open." Deaqon gets the Manson lamps and opens Rosaria's Zippo behind his back. He flicks it and tosses it at Alton, and then dives out the door just ahead of a giant fireball.

Rosaria stands outside the crime scene and watches as Eddie is loaded into an ambulance. She spots Deaqon, safe and sound, and gives him a big hug. Billie watches in shock, and Van assures her that they are just friends. Billie turns around to see Deaqon kissing Rosaria.

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