Things Done Changed

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Things Done Changed

Bus station. Deaqon helps Rosaria to board a Greyhound. A Greyhound? They couldn't afford a plane ticket? Deaqon hugs Rosaria, and then she picks up her bags and starts to walk away. He holds out his pinky finger, and she walks back and links it with her own, and then the bus pulls away. Deaqon notices Van standing across the street, like, what kind of a stalker is he? Van asks Deaq if he's going to see her again. Deaq tells him to mind his own business. Van asks when he's going to see her again. Deaq says it might be never, and then babbles on and on about it so that Van realizes that he's lying. They walk off into the sunset bantering. Oh, dear. I don't think there was any Shirtless Facinelli this week! Well, I'll just count some of the Shirtless Bellamy in my episode grade.

Next week: Billie has to confront a secret from her past in order to bust a major drug dealer, and this time, it's personal. I swear to God, they actually said that it was personal.

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