Things Done Changed

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Things Done Changed

Cut to Billie, giving the boys the lowdown on Alton White. He is the most Benicio del Toro-looking motherfucker I've ever seen. They could be brothers. Billie explains that Alton was convicted twice of armed robbery. He runs with Eddie Jefferson -- who is L.A.'s finest car thief -- and Shadow, a "professional psycho." You can get paid for being a psycho? Why didn't my high school guidance counselor ever mention that career path? Van touches a cut on his forehead and claims that he tripped over the belt of his robe and hit his head on the coffee table. It's weird that they made such a big deal out of explaining that cut, and I kept expecting it to come up again later in the episode, and it didn't. Maybe Jennie Garth beats Peter Facinelli or something. Billie explains that there are two other guys rounding out the gang: the Franchese brothers, who were put into the Witness Protection Program for testifying against a mob family, but who've continued in their lives of crime. Van asks how they are supposed to get into the gang. Deaq says that his friend says that the gang is planning something big, and that it will happen soon. Van is surprised to learn that the friend is female, and teases Deaq about that for a minute. Deaq says that unlike some people, he has female friends. Van says that he has female friends, too. Deaq and Billie both ask for names. Deaq pauses and then says, "Your mama? Oh, yeah. Great." That really cracked me up for some reason. Van claims that Billie is his friend. Billie says that they're co-workers. Deaq gets back to the task at hand and says that he and Van can only get into the gang if there are empty slots. Billie says that she can get rid of the Franchese brothers.

Cut to the Franchese brothers eating dinner in a restaurant. Billie walks in and sits at their table. She flashes her badge and says that she just got off the phone with the guy they testified against. He wanted to send the brothers a Christmas card, so she gave him their address. Billie feigns shock when they are upset. One brother reminds her that they are in Witness Protection. Billie says she knows, but that she heard that Sammy the Bull was selling drugs while in Witness Protection, so she decided she wasn't a fan of the program anymore. A brother says that they'll be killed. Billie suggests that they get out of town, and leaves.

Deaq stands on the beach and watches Rosaria approach in slow motion. She says that she only has an hour because Alton thinks she's at the dentist. She pulls out a cigarette and claims that she's nervous. Deaq scolds her, and she says that she just started smoking that morning. He takes her Zippo. If she really just started smoking that morning, she would so not have a Zippo. She'd have a plastic Bic lighter that she bought at the same convenience store where she got the cigarettes. Unless she got them both from her husband, but a dude who keeps track of his wife like that probably also keeps track of his cigarettes. Wow, I just spent way too much time thinking about that. Rosaria and Deaq link pinkies. Rosaria is amazed that he still does that, and says she always loved it because it made her feel like all was right with the world. Deaq explains that he's in charge, and that they have to do things his way, so if she's scared, now is the time to back out. Rosaria assures him that she wants this. Deaq introduces Van, who just strolled up, as "mad cool." Van shakes Rosaria's hand.

Van, Deaq, and Rosaria sit at a picnic table. Deaq tells Rosaria that she has to memorize the information and know it like the back of her hand. Van quizzes her on their cover story. Deaq is supposed to be her cousin, the son of her Aunt Felicia, who died six years earlier. Van asks if Deaq is the oldest or youngest of Felicia's sons. Rosaria says oldest, and then youngest. Deaq yells at her for wavering; he says that his captain used to make him use flash cards, and that maybe they should make some. Rosaria and Van are against that idea, and Van says that they have to try it again.

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