Things Done Changed

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Things Done Changed

As soon as Van is out, Deaq starts preparing a meal, including two glasses of wine, so you know he's expecting a guest. Cut to later. Soft music plays as Deaq asks Rosaria if it's safe for her to be there. Rosaria assures him that Alton plays poker and won't be home until midnight. Rosaria says that she just came by to thank him for helping her. Deaq says that it's his job. Rosaria laughs that the last time she saw him, he was outrunning a cop car, and now he's behind the wheel of one. Rosaria checks out his house and says that cops must make a lot more than she thought. Deaq admits that it's not his house, but says that he's really happy with his life. Rosaria says that she should have left with him nine year earlier, but that she was scared to leave her friends and family behind. Deaq points out that she couldn't leave Darnell, either. Rosaria says that she did what she thought was right at the time. Deaq says that the best thing is probably for her to go home, and that they should leave the past in the past. He asks if that's what she wants, and she shakes her head. They kiss. Shortly, they are both half-naked. Who knew we would see Shirtless Bellamy before we saw Shirtless Facinelli this week? This is throwing my episode grading all off. Deaq rubs Rosaria's hand and touches her wedding ring, and this causes him to pull up short and stand up. Once they get dressed, Rosaria starts to talk about what they could do when this is all done. Deaq says that they should wait and talk about it then. He kisses her goodbye. After she walks off, someone holds a gun to Deaq's head and cocks the hammer. Now, this one, I figured out right away. I'm not saying that I'm that smart. I'm just saying that I've watched television before.

When we return from the break, Deaq takes down the guy with the gun to his head's Van. Deaq asks what he's doing, and Van says that he knew Deaq was lying. Deaq denies it, and Van brings up the girl who happens to be a friend and the pinkie twisting, and also that Deaq rambles when he lies. Van imitates Deaq claiming that he's tired and he's going to "hit the silk and dream of Jeannie." Again, that will be important later. Van concludes that Deaq has two tells, and that one of them is rambling. Deaq owns up to lying, and Van says that he can't have a partner who lies to him. Deaq explains that he and Rosaria had "a love thing" when they were seventeen. She was dating a Crip named Darnell, but they broke up and Deaq and Rosaria got together. Deaq says that when his brother sent him to New York, Rosaria was supposed to go with him, but she went back to Darnell instead. Deaq insists that has nothing to do with this case. Van says that he's right, because the case is over, and that if Billie knew about it, she would agree. Deaq says that Van sounds stupid. Van says that he's never lied to Deaq, and that Deaq just jeopardized their lives "to play pinkie twist with [his] little girlfriend." Van adds that if he were Alton, Deaq would be dead. Deaq says that Van has made it all about himself, and it's not about him. Deaq says that where he comes from, you can only trust yourself, and if Van has a problem, he can do what he has to do. Van says that he has to trust his gut, and his is telling him to get out. Van walks off. I think those two are in love.

Prison. A guy with tattoos of two tears by his eye -- who I'm going to go ahead and assume is Two Tears -- tells Alton on the phone that he's never heard of a Deaqon Hayes, but that he'll try to see what he can find out. Alton is glad to hear it.

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