Things Done Changed

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Things Done Changed

Deaqon shows up for the meeting in the garage. Alton asks why Van is late. Deaqon says that Van can't make it, and asks why they have an armored truck. Van shows up. Alton scolds him for being late. Deaqon and Van exchange a meaningful glass. Van asks what's going on. Alton shows them some blueprints and says that this building moves two million dollars from the safe to an armored truck every Friday. Van asks the name of the building. Alton says that they operate on a need-to-know basis so that no one blabs about the heist. Van says he's cool with it, and Deaq agrees. There's a needless split screen as Alton explains that the people in the building hand off the money to three guards, who take the money to an armored truck waiting outside. Alton has a guy with the armored-truck company to provide them with uniforms and credentials, and who will call and say that they're arriving ten minutes early. Alton says that they need three men on the inside, one in the truck, and one dressed as a civilian in a follow car. I don't understand why they need the civilian in a follow car. I guess it's for after they ditch the truck. Deaq asks about the guy on the inside, and Alton promises that the guy is solid, and that his payment will come out of Alton's share. Alton gives each of them a phone with two-way capabilities, and announces that they will each be on speed dial. Alton concludes by telling them all not to make any plans for Friday.

Van, Eddie, and Deaq watch the rodeo on television. Eddie says that he did the rodeo circuit for three years. Van laughingly asks if he was a clown, and Eddie very seriously say that the rodeo clown has the most difficult job. Deaq looks over at Alton and Shadow, who are sitting out on the patio talking. Shadow asks Alton what's wrong. Alton says that something isn't right, and explains about his conversation with Two Tears. Shadow reminds him that there are a thousand cons in and out of Chino every day, and says that he trusts Deaqon. Shadow reminds Alton that Deaqon and Van kicked ass in the strip club. Alton smiles and walks over to invite Deaqon to stay for dinner. Deaqon says that he and Van already have plans. I think it's a date! Alton orders Deaqon to stay, since he's family. Eddie says that they can take Van out.

Aw, yeah. Molly Hatchet. "Flirting With Disaster." I feel like I'm back in high school, drinking warm, flat beer out of a plastic cup. Van, Shadow, and Eddie walk into a western bar. Van spots a mechanical bull and says that he knows Eddie is upset about the clown comment, and that he has "great respect for the whole rodeo system and their clowns." Van says that Eddie can feel free to get on the bull and prove how tough he is. Eddie says that Van is the one who will be riding the bull. Cut to Van riding the bull and then tumbling onto the mat. Eddie and Shadow pick him up and ask if he wants to do it again. Van agrees, and Eddie tells Shadow that Van is all right.

Meanwhile, Deaq, Alton, and Rosaria eat dinner in awkward silence. Alton asks Deaq if he doesn't like Rosaria's cooking or something. Deaq chuckles nervously and says that with the holidays coming up, he's trying to watch his weight. Alton asks about Rosaria and Deaqon spending holidays together in the past. Alton asks Deaq what his mother's name is. Deaqon says it's Felicia, and Rosaria supplies that she died six years ago. Alton says that it must have really upset Deaqon's little brother, Brady. Rosaria corrects him on the name, saying that it's Bobby. You know, if they were going for a cover story, why not just stick with Deaq's actual brother's name, since that would be easier to remember. Alton tells Rosaria to shut up and let them have a simple conversation, since she's starting to piss him off. Rosaria apologizes. Deaqon stares daggers at both of them. Alton says that Rosaria always told him that she had one true love before him, but never told him who it was. Deaq says that Rosaria had all of the guys after her. Rosaria starts clearing the table. Alton grabs her and says that she can still fit into her tiny jeans, but once she gets pregnant, she won't be able to anymore. In case Deaq misses it, Alton says that they're going to start a family and he kisses Rosaria's belly. Deaq looks down at his plate and then says he's happy for them.

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