Things Done Changed

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Things Done Changed

At the Candy Store, Deaqon works the heavy bag. More Shirtless Bellamy! Van crawls in and drunkenly says that they made him ride the mechanical bull, and then drink boilermakers. Deaq asks if he hung out with those guys all night. Van says that Shadow has "short man's complex," but that Eddie is an okay guy. Van asks Deaq to stop hitting the bag because it's making him sick. Deaq thanks Van for showing up today. Van says he knows that Deaqon doesn't trust anybody, but that they're a team. Van yells, "You and me are a team, dude. I love you, dawg!" Deaq laughs and tells Van to take two aspirin. Billie walks in and tosses down a folder, saying that she has some information on which building Alton is planning on robbing. She says that there are 655 businesses in L.A. County that move seven figures on Fridays. She tells them to stay tight on the inside until she can find out more information. She watches Deaqon pummeling the heavy bag and asks Van what Deaq's problem is. Van says that Deaq is just working off dinner.

Rosaria sits up in bed and then checks to make sure Alton is asleep. She sneaks out of the room. Moments later, she shows up at Deaqon's house. He tells her that she shouldn't be there, but she protests that Alton is sound asleep and won't even know that she's gone. And since I've watched television before, I know that's not true. Rosaria says that they need to talk, and Deaq agrees. Deaq asks her to explain to him how she sleeps with a man she doesn't love. How does he know that she's still having sex with him? The baby comment? That doesn't mean that they're currently having sex. Anyway. Rosaria whines that she's just doing what Deaqon told her to do by not changing her behavior.

A phone rings. Alton turns on a light and picks it up. It's Two Tears. He says that he found out something about Deaqon Hayes; the only thing to come into Chino is Deaqon's record, and something smells rotten to Two Tears. I need a cool name like Two Tears. But I don't want to get tattoos. Maybe I could be Two Ears. I've got two ears! It just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Alton hangs up the phone.

Back at Deaqon's, Rosaria says that she came to Deaq as a friend; she apologize for their make-out session the other night. Deaq agrees that it was a mistake. We see Shadow walking up to the outside of the house and Alton standing nearby. Shadow shoots out one of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and Rosaria screams. Alton walks in, and Shadow is right behind him with his gun still pointing at Deaqon and Rosaria. Deaq tries to play it off, but Alton is pissed at Rosaria for leaving without telling him. Rosaria says that she needed to talk to Deaq. Alton wonders why she had to dash out in the middle of the night. Deaq says that they were just talking and asks Alton what's wrong with him. Alton punches Deaq in the face, and Deaq returns the favor. Alton says that Deaq's ass is his, and orders Shadow to get Deaqon out of there. Deaqon yells at Alton not to lay a hand on Rosaria as he is hustled out. Alton tells Rosaria that he knows Deaqon is not her cousin, and says he's going to ask her one time only if Deaqon is her lover. Rosaria whimpers. Alton asks again. I thought he was only going to ask one time? That Alton is such a liar.

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