Things Done Changed

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Things Done Changed

Deaq sits in a chair as Shadow whips him with a belt and Alton paces around. Strangely, there's no Shirtless Bellamy in this sequence. Maybe the makeup department couldn't do the proper welts. Alton says hello. Deaq asks weakly if Alton hurt Rosaria. Alton says that Deaq is barely breathing and that his only concern is for Alton's wife. Alton says that Rosaria is concerned about Deaqon, too. Alton whispers, "I know you've been inside my wife. I heard all about you and Darnell and your gang war and blah, blah, blah." I know Alton is supposed to be creepy and scary but it's not working for me. Deaq claims that he was just looking Rosaria up. Alton says that he checked out Deaqon's prison records, and it turns out that there's a record of Deaqon there but no one knows him, so Alton has to think that Deaq's a cop. Deaqon weakly protests that he's not a cop. Shadow snickers that maybe Deaqon is a dirty cop, and then walks off. Ha ha. Ha? Why is that funny? Alton says that Deaqon is going to call Van and say that the job isn't happening, and that if Deaqon says anything that Alton doesn't like, Rosaria will pay for it. Offscreen, we hear Rosaria scream. Alton laughs that Shadow was born without a conscience. He hands Deaqon a phone. Deaqon calls Van and says that he's sick to explain his weak voice. Deaq explains that Alton is going to move the score next week, because there's a heavier load then. Van accepts this and asks if Deaq needs anything. Deaq says that he's tired and he's going to "hit the silk and dream of Jeannie." I told you that would be important later. Van says goodbye and they both hang up. Van immediately tells Billie that Deaq called and said that the score was moved to next week, but that he's lying, so he must have been found out. Billie is totally not upset as she says that if they can find the robbery, they can find Deaqon, like, way to show some emotion there, Tiffani.

The armored truck speeds across town. In the back, Shadow, Alton, Rosaria, and Deaqon stare at each other. Deaq tells Alton that he's going to kill him. Alton immediately grabs Deaqon's throat and puts a gun to his head. Alton says that Deaqon must really care about Rosaria, and that he's probably willing to take a bullet for her. Alton points the gun at Rosaria and asks Deaqon if he'd die for her. Deaqon asks Alton if he wants to find out.

Van and Billie meet with Two Tears in an entirely white room. Does any prison have a room this clean? Van kicks Two Tears and says that if he's Alton's best friend, he knows where the robbery is going to take place. Two Tears ain't talking, so Van punches him, and then suggests that they transfer all of Two Tears's gang members out of Chino, and transfer in all of his enemies. Billie speaks up and says that if Two Tears tells them where the robbery is, he'll walk out of there in seven days instead of seven years. Two Tears doesn't say anything so Billie says that she has the governor on speed dial, and that if Two Tears gives up the information, he'll walk out of there. Two Tears tells them that it's the casino right next to Hollywood Park.

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