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Everybody's Crazy!
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A Wendy-less Espada returns to camp. Holly decides that she is now "on the outs" with her tribe since she made an alliance with the person they just voted off. Although this wouldn't have been a problem for her if she hadn't broadcast that fact. And I still don't think it's a problem for her even now. But she reminds them all of it once again by saying that her decision to vote Wendy out was "for the team" because she "really liked Wendy." "I would like to show these people that I can really kick their ass on Survivor," she says. Well, she's certainly going to show them that they should have voted her out instead of Wendy.

Jud's name has been changed to Fabio in the opening credits. That's amazing.

The next morning, Marty complains about how hard it is to sleep in their crappy shelter. Suddenly, Jimmy Johnson takes control of the tribe and assigns people to various tasks that will improve their shelter. Jimmy T. bristles at this, although I'm not exactly sure what he's objecting to, since he's impossible to understand. He says something about wanting to go fishing, but Tyrone cuts him off and tells him to let Jimmy Johnson finish speaking. "I amaffhjappghh," Jimmy T. says. "That's a great idea. That's a great idea," Tyrone responds with the greatest sarcastic look on his face. Tyrone may well be awesome. Jimmy T. complains in an interview that no one is listening to him. He wanders away from the group towards the beach to show his displeasure with Jimmy Johnson. Marty, on the other hand, claims that he's pleased to see Jimmy Johnson taking a leadership position because it just puts the heat on him and takes it off Marty.

Over at La Flor, Purple Kelly says she's never gone this long without showering or brushing her teeth. "I have," Jud says. No, I don't care what the opening credits call him. I'm not typing out "Fabio." NaOnka and Sash (again, also not his real name. We need to stop humoring these people and their stupid nicknames for themselves. You know that no one calls him "Sash" in real life) talk on the beach. "Sash" says he's feeling really good about the tribe and how strong their guys are, adding that NaOnka is strong, too. "Why does everybody think I'm strong?" she says. Um, because you're a PE teacher? Also, being considered strong is a good thing here. What is her problem? NaOnka interviews that she really likes Sash. Sash tells her that he's half-black and wants to try to form a "minority alliance." NaOnka readily agrees to this. They hope to get Brenda involved soon. Sash interviews that the minorities "have a bond that no one else can share." Okay, but how is Kelly B. not a minority? She doesn't have a leg. Or are we only talking about racial minorities? Are they excluding Kelly B. from their exclusive club? And if so, does that make Kelly B. a minority among the minorities?

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