Fear And Loathing At The Fundraiser

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Fear And Loathing At The Fundraiser

Sad music. Meredith has puked and Hank held her hair back. He leads her to bed. She asks him to join her, but he says she's still a little barfy. Hank goes to answer his cell phone. It's Becca. Becca thinks Hank couldn't sleep. He calls her his beautiful, precocious daughter. Droid. Becca asks what Hank used to do when she couldn't sleep. He used to look at the ocean and count the mermaids. "I did do that," Hank says, impressed with the memory. Becca suggests he try that. Hank starts to count for Becca. He interrupts with little jokes ("No, that's Daryl Hannah") as they both drift off to sleep while on the phone. All right, so Hank is a genuinely sweet guy for one episode. Let's see if it lasts.

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