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Hatching, Mismatching, and Dispatching
Previously on Felicity: Knoll confessed to Elena that he hacked into Jane's email; Finn inadvertantly told Tracy that he slept with Elena; Ben went to his first Al-Anon meeting and saw Molly there.

Knoll is still covering for Ben and Dean & Deluca. He and Felicity are both behind the counter when he asks her for a "casually profound, but not glib" sentence on the artist, Jeff Koons. How about "money-grubbing opportunist"? I mean that in a totally non-glib way, of course. Felicity asks if Knoll it's for a class and Knoll says it's for a project he's working on. Felicity laughs, "Oh yeah, what's her name?" Knoll mumbles bashfully for a few seconds and Felicity's Koonsian insight is: "He takes mundane things and turns them into icons, making us rethink everyday objects." She fails to add, "And then sells them for obscene amounts of money." Knoll calls her a genius and writes down what she said. Javier comes in, pushing a stroller containing his delightfully cute nephew, Isaiah. Felicity coos at the baby and Javier asks to speak to her privately. Knoll asks Javier if he wants him to watch the baby. Javier responds, "Yes. How perceptive of you," and then he encourages Knoll to make monkey faces at Isaiah. If Knoll flares his Knollstrils more than usual while doing his simian impression, I fear the child will be scarred for life. Javier and Felicity sit down at a table and he tells her about how much joy Isaiah is giving him and that he and Samuel have decided to become parents. Felicity is thrilled for them and thinks they'll be wonderful parents. He says, "Would you ever consider having a baby with me?" She wonders whether he's kidding and he lets her know that he is not. Apparently, she has his "most favourite genes, and [he's] not talking Jordache, of course." He reassures her that if she says no, it's okay, then he asks, "Would you be the mother of my child?" Felicity stares in disbelief. Cut to the credits.

Ben and Felicity are in the kitchen at the loft, preparing food. He's describing how the Al-Anon meetings work and that some of the people have "some really messed-up stuff" going on. When Felicity pries into what kind of stuff, he explains that he can't discuss it outside of the meeting because "it's anonymous." Felicity understands but then prods a bit more and asks if he said anything at the meeting. He says he just listened and didn't say anything, but he asks her how work was. She mentions that Javier wants her to donate an egg so that he and Samuel can have a child. Ben thinks she's kidding until she makes it clear that she is not. She explains the "harvesting" process, and that Javier and Samuel have been looking through catalogues of potential mothers and concluded that route was too much like ordering furniture. Ben is pretty much against the whole idea and asks if she's considering doing it. She says she isn't, but it's clear she hasn't completely made up her mind yet.

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