A Perfect Match

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A Perfect Match

Sean and Noel meet with the owner of the sporting goods store, who has doubts about "this so-called website." Like, does he doubt that it's actually called a website? As if Sean and Noel just made up that name? The owner's name is Eric, and he thinks that it's a big step for a small business like his. Sean gives him the hard sell, and Eric agrees to think about it. Noel shows off his personal site to give an example of what he can do. Eric seems a little doubtful, and asks if he can see a sample first. Sean promises that they can get it done by tomorrow, over Noel's protests. Sean and Noel walk down the sidewalk; Noel says that he can't possibly do it by tomorrow, but Sean gives him a pep talk, and then they banter about the name of their business, but no one cares really.

Ben walks into the hospital room, followed by Felicity. Ben hugs his mom, who is happy to see Felicity. Ben asks how his dad is doing. His mom says that his dad has been unconscious since they hooked him up to the ventilator that morning. Ben's mom starts crying, and Ben hugs her again. This is where Felicity should step out. She whispers to Ben that she's going to step out, and Ben whispers back, "No. Stay." Ben grabs Felicity by the hand and they walk closer to Jack's bed. Ben's mom says that she talked to the doctor about donating part of her liver, and she scheduled the surgery for the next day. Ben reminds her that his dad didn't want that. His mom thinks they have no other choice. Ben wants to wait a little longer. His mom says that it's not Ben's decision. Ben says that it is, actually, since he has power of attorney, and he doesn't want his mom to have the surgery. Felicity stands there like she would rather be anywhere else. And who wouldn't? Ben's mom asks Ben to talk to the doctor before he makes a decision, and runs out of the room. Ben tells Felicity that his father said he didn't want that. Felicity urges him to just listen to what the doctor has to say. Ben isn't sure, and Felicity promises to go with him. They hug.

Javier and Rita watch tapes of their potential dates. Didn't I see this same plot on thirtysomething with Ellyn and Melissa, and they both wanted the same guy, and he only wanted Ellyn back, but then he had a bratty kid, and then he ended up with Melissa for like one episode? Rita doesn't like the first guy, because he's "so cliché." Javier points out that he has a huge "yes pile" of videotapes, and she has a tiny one. Rita says that she's impossible, and she'll be alone forever. Javier thinks that he has too many to choose from, and she has too few, so they should choose dates for each other. I guess that makes some sort of sense. Rita thinks so as well.

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