A Perfect Match

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A Perfect Match

Noel and Sean show the prototype website to Eric, who thinks that it's really good. He's not crazy about the snowboarder guy, and Noel assures him that the snowboarder guy can go. Sean disagrees, since it's a link. Okay, that moving target is a link? Imagine how annoying it would be to try to click on that. I know, I promised to shut up about the usability or lack thereof. Anyway, there's a conflict, and Sean insists that if they can't do the snowboarder guy, they won't do the website. Noel disagrees, and gives Sean the stink-eye. Outside, they continue to argue about it. Noel thinks that Sean is just upset because Eric didn't like Sean's idea, and he took it personally. He reminds Sean that they needed the job. Sean insists that Noel can have a "zillion other jobs" lined up, or Sean will. Yeah, because with the current state of the economy, not to mention the technology sector, there are hardly any freelance web designers out there with about ten times Noel's talent and experience just dying for money. Stupid Sean.

Javier walks into a bar to meet one of his video dates. He spots the guy sitting at the bar. Javier walks up to the guy and says hello. The guy is pretty cute. Then he stands up, and he comes up to Javier's chin. Tom Cruise is taller than this guy. Javier looks uncomfortable. In another restaurant, Rita is on a date talking about how they both used to work at Coney Island. The guy tries to high-five her, which is such a rip-off of Puddy on Seinfeld. Like, next thing you know he's going to have all of his radio presets be Christian stations, and wear an eight-ball jacket. Is that the only thing the writers could think of to signify a deal-breaker on a date? They couldn't have had the guy wear a mustard-colored mock turtleneck? Rita asks to be excused. Once she's away from the table, her phone rings. It's Javier, asking what the cutoff is before someone is officially considered a little person. Rita says that her date is a little too enthusiastic. Javier says that he cut his date short, "pun intended." Rita was thinking of doing the same. Javier worries that he'll be alone for the rest of his life. Rita thinks any guy would be lucky to have Javier, and suggests that they get together and trade bad dating stories. Javier agrees.

Ben walks up to his mom and Felicity in the hallway. He asks his mom if she's sure she wants to do the surgery. She says that she is. Ben thinks they should do it. His mom smiles, and Ben smiles back, tightly.

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