A Perfect Match

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A Perfect Match

Meghan tries to tie Sean's bow tie, without much success. They argue about the relative merits of the clip-on. Noel walks in and tells Meghan that he knows how to tie a bow tie. Sean pretends that he doesn't want Noel's help, but Meghan begs Noel to do it anyway. Noel walks over and shows Sean some papers that he needs to sign. Sean sees that they are bank forms. Noel opened a business account with his advance money from Eric. Sean looks disgusted. Noel offers to tie the bow tie. They still don't talk. Sean finally says that he feels like he's just hanging on Noel's coattails. Hey, nothing wrong with that. Noel points out that he's not good at sales, and Sean is. Plus, Noel likes working with Sean, but they need to lay down some ground rules. Sean thinks that doesn't sound very cutthroat. Noel has finished with the tie. Sean agrees to sign the papers, and asks Noel to go to the dance with them. Noel thinks he'll be a loser, which he will be. Sean says that he wants to go with both his partners. Am I supposed to be touched by this? Because I'm so not. And I usually like Sean.

Ben sits in his father's hospital room. Jack finally wakes up. Ben says that he and his mom pulled a fast one on his dad. Jack says that they do that a lot. Ben tells his father that he talked to Felicity, and he hopes that they don't keep hurting each other. Jack, suddenly the wisest man in town with his new liver, says that they will keep hurting each other, but life is a series of tests, and Ben and Felicity will pass them because they love each other. Ben compares it to his parents, and his father agrees. I hope Ben won't be throwing plates at Felicity.

At the dance, people…dance. Noel stands alone, feeling dumb. He sees Ben standing across the room. Ben walks over and says hello. They exchange pleasantries. Noel is happy to hear that Ben's parents are better. Awkward pause. Noel apologizes for what happened between the three of them, and takes the blame. Ben smiles and says that he's trying to forget it. Felicity walks over, and The Tinkly Piano Of Noel Being A Loser plays. Noel excuses himself. Felicity asks what Noel and Ben were talking about, and Ben says that it was nothing. Felicity invites Ben to dance, and Ben doesn't really want to, but allows himself to be pulled onto the dance floor. Scott Speedman is not such a good dancer, but he sure is cute. The whole gang dances onto the floor together, doing goofy dances, as you do.

Later, they all walk down the sidewalk in the snow. They agree to go somewhere else for more dancing. Sean wants French fries. Noel looks up at the snow, smiling. They're all laughing. Felicity says that she wonders what's going to happen to them, since they'll all be off on their own in a year. It's all very St. Elmo's Fire. Everyone laughs. The captioning claims that they were all singing It's The End Of The World As We Know It, but I didn't hear it. But maybe they were. And…that's it until April. See you then.

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