Ancient History

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Ancient History

Felicity is back to telling Sally that her encounter with Ruby led her to totally rearrange her schedule. Felicity says that she'd be happy taking just one of the many great art courses available, but her Pre-Med schedule doesn't allow room for any courses other than Pre-Med.

Felicity and Elena are in a lab together, each wearing safety goggles, and Felicity is drawing a palm tree and a bunch of dots with a stick, in a white substance which could either be sand or sugar, which is piled on the lab table. Elena notices that Felicity is putzing around and not working and she suggests that Felicity is distracted by thoughts of Ben. Felicity says that's not it, because she rearranged her Dean & DeLuca schedule and her "routes to class," in order to work the "out of sight, out of mind" angle. Felicity then asks Elena if she's checked out the incredible art classes in the course catalogue lately. Yeah Felicity, that would be likely, given Elena's hard-driving Pre-Med attitude. Elena quickly clues in and she forbids Felicity from quitting Pre-Med. Felicity insists that she's not quitting, but neither of them looks convinced.

Felicity bounces into the Admin office to drop out of Pre-Med. An overly animated university employee feigns interest and wishes her a "good semester" as everyone around my television laughs because we've all been university employees at one time or another. Felicity thanks Ms. Admin, who is not Susan Ruttan, but who sure looks like her, and leaves.

Ben and Sean are struggling with a bed frame on the street when Julie approaches with a bag of groceries in her arms. Ben tells her that it's his "new bed; the old one had a broken leg." Julie says that she remembers it while Sean looks like he's swallowed a bug at the mention of Julie and Ben's former carnal knowledge. Julie makes it worse for Sean by saying that the new bed looks bigger. Ben tells her that it is and Julie remarks that the old one "was too small for two people." Sean cuts off that line of discussion none too subtly before he suffers an aneurysm. He doesn't think much of the next topic either because it is Julie's announcement that she's found a new apartment. Ben seems thrilled and Sean is bummed. Julie tells them that they can start looking for their "permanent roommate." I wonder why, because they didn't have nor need a third roommate last year. Did I miss something?

Knoll and Richard, the annoying guy from last season, are eating in the kitchen of Knoll and Elena's apartment. Knoll is telling Richard that "Brigid, the girl from the party, the one who gave me her phone number, but it turned out to be for Ray's Original Pizza," is in one of his classes. For some reason, we can hear pigeons cooing loudly in the background. Knoll tells Richard that he's going to ask Brigid out again, and he asks him if "that 's crazy." It appears that Richard, a geek with no discernible social skills, is Knoll's relationship guru, much the same way that Sean, a geek with no discernible social skills, is Ben's relationship guru. For the record, Richard doesn't think it's crazy. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Take the hint, Knoll. She's not interested, that's what the fake number was all about. Richard damns Knoll's dating efforts with faint praise until Knoll says that the more Richard talks, the more he is convinced it is a bad idea. But, Knoll being Knoll, doesn't know to quit when he's ahead, so he decides to ask Brigid out again. Richard really reminds me of John Cage from Ally McBeal in this scene.

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