Ancient History

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Ancient History

Felicity approaches the same happy-go-lucky Admin office employee to ask if she can switch to another section of Drawing 10. Ms. Admin tells her they are all full and that Drawing 10 is a prerequisite to all other drawing classes. Felicity babbles excitedly about dropping out of Pre-Med and how Ms. Admin was so nice about it, and she wants to know if there is another art class she can take. Ms. Admin says, "Yes, just as soon as you take Drawing 10." Ah, there's that jaded university employee attitude that we all know and love.

Julie sits on the front steps of her new apartment, waiting for her new roommate Susan. Susan's sister is moving to town, so Julie won't be moving in after all. Too bad, so sad. Not. Juliea Rodentia looks crushed, but tries to play it off.

Felicity goes to Knoll's to explain that she couldn't switch sections. Mr. Maturity-is-my-middle-name Assknoll gets huffy and tells her that every time he sees her, "it reminds him that [she] chose Ben over [him]." Hey, way to prove her right again. And again. He asks, "What is it about him, or about me --?" I don't know where to start and neither does she. She finally does say, "What if I told you that I made a huge mistake and I never should have gone with Ben, that make it any better?" After a long pause, Knoll says, "You're just saying that because Ben broke your heart." No, duh. Glances are exchanged, Knollstrils are flared, and Felicity asks him what he wants her to say. He says, "I don't know. Nothing." More glances, more flares, then Felicity leaves.

At the loft, a cute chef guy is cooking omelettes as part of his roommate interview. Julie arrives and bemoans the fact that she "can't even boil an egg." You forgot to add that you can't sing or play guitar either, if you're cataloguing your inadequacies. Sean says that she makes a "mean bowl of cereal." Julie mentions that she's had a crazy day and she tells cute chef guy that he's "going to really love living here," and she leaves the room.

At Epstein Bar, Knoll spots Ruby and he apologizes to her by saying that he "was sort of a jerk the other day." Ruby says, "Sort of?" Knoll replies, "But not as bad as my friend, right?" She tells him that's nothing "to be too proud of." They start talking iMac and E Machine specs and Ruby tells him she bought an iMac. Knoll gets a little charge (and I do mean little) out of that and he proclaims Ruby a "Mac person." I'm on my fifth Macintosh, and I've never called myself a "Mac person," and now I never will.

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