And To All A Good Night

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And To All A Good Night

Previously on Felicity: Elena was ecstatic after the lovin', but Tracy was speechless; Ben couldn't believe that James pulled a gun on Molly; James came to the apartment to win Molly back; Molly tried to break up with James but couldn't, while Ben looked on helplessly.

The episode begins at the girls' apartment; Ben is atop a ladder while Felicity gives him directions, like "a little to the left," from below. Molly wanders in and compliments "the flyers," and asks what is meant by "cocktail attire." Felicity explains that it means "dressy, but not so dressy." Hmm, that certainly clarifies the matter. Molly whines that she wishes she felt like celebrating. Felicity whines right back, "C'mon, it's Christmas." Molly bemoans the fact that she made an idiot of herself over James; however, Felicity exposits that they've broken up and that Molly is back in rehab. Molly isn't really convinced, so Felicity enumerates a couple of other reasons to celebrate -- namely that Sean is better and that they all survived finals. Ben is back up on the ladder and Felicity hands him a length of silver fuzzy garland. Molly asks when they're leaving for Florida. Felicity says that they're going on Monday, if Sean can get them a car. Ben chimes in that Sean will get them a car. Felicity adds that if her mother stays an extra day, then they'll leave a day later. Molly whimpers that she's always wanted to go to Florida, ever since she saw Miami Vice. Felicity giggles and Ben laughs that Florida is not like Miami Vice. It sounds like Molly is angling for an invitation to tag along with them, but she never comes out and asks them. Instead, she stares intently at the kitchen countertop and remarks that she can see her reflection in it. Whatever you say, Molly Downey Jr. By the way, stick with the rehab if you can still see yourself in arborite in a day or two. Felicity admits that she's been cleaning up because her mother is coming. The phone rings and Felicity picks it up, then mouths to Molly that it's James. Molly shakes her head, and Felicity tells him that she's not there. James accuses her of lying, so Ben grabs the phone and repeats that Molly isn't there, and suggests that he stop calling. After a pause, Ben tells James that he's not going to argue with him, and then goes on to do just that. Ben tells Felicity and Molly that James is crazy. Gee, Ben, you think? You mean it doesn't pay to argue with a crackhead? Well, I'll be. Felicity tells Ben to hang up, which is what I've been saying since Felicity answered the phone. Hang up now and continue hanging up whenever he calls. Use *69 to find out where he's calling from and block the number(s). What is so hard about that? Ben perseveres and tells James to calm down, then he gets angry and slams the phone down. Ben rants, "The guy's not only a crackhead, or an addict or a dealer, he's a dick, a total dick." Felicity tries to shush Ben because her mother is walking down the hall. Ben won't be silenced and he boasts that if James didn't have a gun, it would have been a totally different conversation. When Mrs. Porter reaches the kitchen, Felicity acts surprised and greets her warmly by asking if she has just arrived. Meghan, who is following behind Mrs. Porter, says, "No, we came in somewhere between 'crackhead' and 'had a gun.'" Felicity hugs her mother and introduces Molly and points to Ben, saying, "You know Ben." Mrs. Porter looks at him and says, "Uh huh." I know the woman has recently divorced and everything, but what's with the unstyled, loosely-permed long hair? Not only are there decades between when that look was fashionable and now, it really does behoove fortysomething women to stop trying to get away with shoulder-length hair.

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