Back To The Future

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Back To The Future

Felicity and Ben arrive at the police station to pick up Noel's belongings, now that he's dead. Felicity picks up the 8-ball key chain that she gave to Noel for his new apartment. Ben signs some release forms. Felicity says, "This is all my fault." Ben tells her that it isn't. Felicity feels that if she hadn't traveled back in time, Noel never would have died. Ben puts his arm around Felicity and escorts her out of the room.

Ben and Felicity have just informed Sean about Noel, and Sean says that he can't believe it. Meghan walks in and sees all of the long faces, so she asks, "Okay, who died?" Sean answers, "Noel." Meghan tells Sean that he's not funny, and Felicity tells Meghan that it's true. Meghan sits down and is silent for a minute, and then tells Felicity that she might be able to undo it, because Meghan found Korsakoff. Felicity tells Ben (and anyone who missed the last episode) that Korsakoff is the guy who wrote the spell that sent Felicity back in time in the first place. Meghan hands Felicity Korsakoff's address.

Felicity knocks on Korsakoff's apartment door. A creepy-looking guy opens the door to the extent that the chain will allow, and Felicity says that she's looking for Paul Korsakoff. The guy says, "Sorry. Not interested," and slams the door in Felicity's face. That's exactly how I handle telemarketers. Actually, I don't generally let them get their whole sentence out. Felicity knocks on the door again. The guy opens the door again, this time without the chain, and says that he's not buying anything. Felicity quickly says that she's not selling anything, and that she needs his help. She explains about the book, and Korsakoff wants to know who told her about it. Felicity explains that a friend of hers did the time-travel spell. Korsakoff starts ranting about some guy who must have sent Felicity; Korsakoff adds that he burned the manuscript, and that his spells don't work. Felicity says that the time-travel spell did work, and that she's proof of it. Felicity tells Korsakoff that she came back to be with "this really great guy," and now he's dead. Korsakoff relents and lets Felicity into his apartment.

Felicity is in her room, packing a box full of mementoes. Ben asks what Korsakoff is going to do with all of the stuff, and Felicity says that Korsakoff needs to get a sense of her friends. Felicity asks Ben for his watch, and explains that Korsakoff thinks that the only reason that the spell worked for Meghan is because she already knew everyone and everything that happened. Ben is reluctant to hand over the watch, and asks how Felicity knows that Korsakoff isn't conning her. Felicity says that she doesn't, but says she has to give it a shot; she points out that the worst that will happen is that Korsakoff gets Ben's watch. Ben sheepishly says that he likes the watch. Felicity rolls her eyes at him, and Ben gives her the watch and offers to come with her. Felicity says that she thinks that she should do it alone, but that she'll call him when it's over. Ben reluctantly watches her leave, since he doesn't really want her to go back to the future in the first place.

Back at Korsakoff's apartment, Felicity tells Korsakoff that she wasn't sure what to bring, so she just brought something from everyone. Korsakoff -- dressed in bathrobe and pajamas -- tells Felicity that he's sure that whatever she brought is fine. He tells Felicity to set her box on the couch, and starts sprinkling something around the room. Felicity asks what they do next, and Korsakoff tells her to start talking. Felicity isn't sure where to start, since it's been either five or three-and-a-half years, depending on whether you count the time-travel years or not. Korsakoff sits down and suggests that she start at the beginning. Felicity says the beginning would be the day she graduated high school. Thus begins the first of many flashback scenes. We see Felicity asking Ben to sign her yearbook. If you've never seen the pilot, just hit the link and read that page, because that's pretty much exactly what they show in this clip, and if I recap every single clip in this episode, I will still be writing this recap in two years. Oh, they look like little babies! Also, I can now see the benefits of eyebrow grooming, because Keri Russell really had some wild brows in the pilot. Korsakoff asks Felicity if she really went across the country for this, and gestures to the yearbook sitting in his lap. Felicity says that she did. Korsakoff starts to rip the page out of the yearbook, and Felicity tries to stop him. Korsakoff insists that Felicity leave the magic to him.

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