Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

The next morning, Felicity sits with her head on Ben's bed, asleep. Ben wakes up and sees her. He squeezes her hand and she wakes up and looks at his face. He says hello, and she says it back, a look of wonder on her face. She reaches up and touches his face.

Downstairs, Meghan and Elena are running into some attitude from Marcie. They've been there all night, and they want to go see Ben, but visiting hours don't start for another forty-five minutes. Meghan points out that Elena is pre-med, but Marcie tells them that doesn't count. Elena asks Marcie to call upstairs and get a status report, but she won't, and Meghan declares, "This place blows!" The two women return to the lobby, where Sean, Noel, and Javier are waiting. They report that there is nothing to report. Javier sniffs Noel and tells him that he smells good. I guess that was to show us that Noel really doesn't have a bad odor. Felicity walks into the lobby and sees everyone waiting. Her face lights up. Sean asks if Ben is doing okay. Felicity says that he is. Javier hugs her. Felicity says that Ben lost a lot of blood, but the doctors say that he'll be okay. She asks how long they've been down there, and Noel lies that it hasn't been that long, and asks where Felicity is going. Felicity explains that she has to go and see Carnes, but they should go and see Ben because he's awake. Elena and Noel explain about visiting hours. Felicity sincerely thanks them for coming. Meghan apologizes, since Felicity said that she didn't want them there, and Felicity thanks Meghan for not listening to her. Felicity says she'll see them later and walks out.

Felicity arrives at the hearing. Carnes spots her and walks up so that they can "talk strategy" before the hearing. Carnes points out Lipshitz, who is already backing down because he can't remember the name of the student that Felicity copied from. Carnes says it as if she's sure that the reason he can't remember is because there is no such student. Felicity hesitates and then says, "His name is Ryan Baer." Carnes asks what she's talking about. Felicity pulls the dissertation book out of her bag and admits that she did do what she's being accused of. Carnes is struck dumb. Felicity apologizes and says that she knows that Carnes put her reputation on the line, and Felicity really appreciates that. Felicity also knows that she's put Carnes in a terrible position, and she's embarrassed. Carnes says that Felicity should be, and Carnes will have to fail her. Felicity knows that, and apologizes again. Carnes tells Felicity to go and tell the review board. Felicity takes the book back and agrees, walking off. Carnes asks Felicity if she's a senior. Felicity says that she's supposed to graduate at the end of this year. Carnes says that she'll have to think about it. Felicity walks off. This would all be a lot more suspenseful if I hadn't already seen the previews for next week's episode, with Felicity in her cap and gown and such.

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