Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

Richard knocks on Elena's door. Is Elena actually there, or is she still at the hospital? Richard tells the closed door that he knows what he did was stupid, and offensive, and racist. Of course, just as he says "racist," a black guy walks by. But he's certainly no friend of Elena's, because she only likes the whities. Richard begs Elena to look at his eye, because he thinks it's infected. Elena says that it can't be. Richard says that he doesn't have enough friends to lose one over this. Richard really knows how to work Elena's pity. Elena opens the door, and is shocked by Richard's scary eye, so she invites him in.

Richard and Elena sit at the kitchen table. Elena apologizes for hitting him and hands him an ice pack. Richard says he deserved it for being "a lot insensitive." Elena agrees, and points out that she is black. Then, the rest of the scene is so dumb that I can't really talk about it. Elena talks about how it must mean something that all of her friends are white, and she probably is just trying to fit in. Except for all of her aforementioned black friends and boyfriends, which render this whole subplot moot. Richard is jealous that Elena has something that automatically places her in a community. Richard makes some more quasi-racist remarks. Elena laughs. Ha! I can't believe they brought Elena out of retirement for that storyline. I've changed my mind. I don't think that Tangi Miller is pregnant. I think the writers just hate her.

Noel talks to Zoe in a conference room at work. Noel says that Zoe doesn't seem attracted to him, and he doesn't think it is going to work out between them. Zoe says that she is "completely attracted to [him]." Noel is attracted to her too, but every time he tries to get close, she pushes him away. Zoe asks if she can say something that might change his mind, and Noel asks her to please do so. Zoe closes the conference room door and walks back to Noel. She says that she hates talking about this, and then reminds him about her depression. She was on medication, but when she started dating Noel, she felt better, so she stopped taking it. Noel realizes that she's been feeling depressed. Zoe says that's why she hasn't been in the mood, but she started taking her medication again, and it usually takes a few weeks. The ironic thing is that many antidepressants suppress libido, but I guess it's better to feel less depressed and not in the mood than to be depressed, which generally also features lack of interest in sex. Zoe wonders if that makes Noel really want to avoid her. Noel says that he does want to go out with her, and he had no idea what was going on with her, and he doesn't want to rush her at all. Zoe admits that seeing Noel is the best part of her day. Wow, she must be depressed. Sorry, that was a kneejerk Noel-hate reaction. They pop up from time to time. Noel kisses her and then gives her a hug.

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