Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

Richard shows up at Elena's door and asks for "a favor with a capital F." Hey! Elena! Where have you been? Richard walks in and says that the school is having a "Save Our World" fundraiser, and he wants Elena to go as his date. They switch to a long shot of them, and Elena looks -- different. Not heavier as much as puffier. Like the only places she has put on weight are her stomach and her butt. Thus my pregnancy theory. Which might explain why Elena is getting so little screen time, and why Meghan is filling the role of Felicity's best friend lately. Richard explains that he couldn't care less about the cause, but the girl he has a crush on is going. Richard's theory is that when this girl sees him with Elena, she'll get "all hot, bothered, and jealous." Richard calls it "bait and switch." Elena says that she's the bait, and turns him down. Richard tells her that it's a compliment, but Elena still refuses. Richard begs Elena, saying that he's going to graduate soon, and out in the real world, he doesn't stand a chance at getting a girl, so he needs to find one while he has access to this huge pool of eligible women. Elena agrees, saying that she's only doing it because he's pathetic and she feels sorry for him. Richard is happy, and says that he'll pick her up at seven, and she should wear something sexy. Elena gives him a look, and Richard amends that to, "Whatever you think is best. Just, look hot." Elena rolls her eyes.

Felicity walks into Dr. Carnes's office and asks if they can talk, or if it's a bad time. Carnes goes into a rant about her ex-husband, like Felicity cares, but the end result is that Carnes is rushing off to see her lawyer and doesn't really have time to talk. Carnes brings up Felicity's paper. Felicity tries to interrupt in order to begin her confession, but Carnes just steamrolls right over her and tells her not to worry, because everything will be fine. Carnes says that the whole thing is the fault of this guy on the committee, Jim Lipshitz, and it's his way of getting back at her. Carnes adds that it's all about academic politics. Felicity keeps trying to get a word in edgewise, but she can't. Carnes reminds her to bring her sources to the meeting tomorrow. Felicity is surprised to hear that the meeting is the next day; she thought it was next week. Carnes says that she moved it up to get it out of the way. Was she going to tell Felicity that? That's kind of rude. Carnes walks out of the office, and Felicity looks after her with an expression on her face that says, "Now what?"

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