Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

Felicity approaches Ben's apartment building. She spots Lauren standing outside his door, leaning against the wall. Felicity starts to turn around and walk away, but then decides to face her fears. She walks up and says hello, and Lauren says shortly that she's just waiting for Ben. Felicity uses her key to open the door, and then stops to ask Lauren if she wants to come up. Lauren says bitchily, "He knows I'm here." Felicity walks into the building. I don't really understand why the writers are having Lauren's character do a complete turnaround. In every other episode, she has seemed calm, centered, and in control. She made her choices, and she didn't want any interference. She wasn't exactly likeable, but she wasn't a bitch. And now she's just mean. Compare her behavior in the Thanksgiving episode, when Ben brought her to dinner as his date, to this episode. I realize she has a lot more going on now, but it just seems like the writers had her personality change to fit the storyline they wanted to use, and it sucks.

Felicity walks into Ben's apartment. Ben is putting on his shoes. Felicity complains about Lauren's behavior and asks Ben why he has to help her at all. Ben gives her a "Felicity," which I took to mean, "Could we not talk about this right now? The recovering alcoholic who is probably fifteen years older than me whom I knocked up in a one-night stand that was really just intended to help me get over you because you cheated on me is waiting downstairs." But maybe I'm reading too much into it. Felicity asks why Ben has to be the one to help, and why Lauren can't hire someone, or ask one of her friends. Ben says that he's just going to help her move some boxes, and that it will only take a couple of hours, and then Lauren will be gone. Felicity backs down and says that she's just had a really bad day. Ben asks if she talked to her professor. Felicity says that she tried to, but it was such a mess. Ben moves closer and asks if she wants to go see a movie when he gets back. Yeah, if "go see a movie" is code for "have hot sex with me." Again, I might be reading too much into that. Ben kisses Felicity and walks out, saying that he should be back by 5 PM. Felicity watches him go and heaves a big sigh.

Noel spots Zoe across the office and says hello. Zoe says that she's glad to see him. Noel asks if she's had a rough day, and she says yes, and then asks him to look at her design, because she can't figure out what's wrong with it. Noel takes a look, but he can't see any problems. Zoe smiles and says that she wishes that she and Noel could just hang out tonight, alone. Noel asks why they can't. Zoe reminds him of the client party, and Noel says that Sean can handle it. Zoe is rubbing Noel's tie in a way that makes me really uncomfortable. Noel brings up his first day working there, with the pizza and the hotel room and the firing. Well, he doesn't bring up the firing part. Zoe is all cuddly with Noel, who suggests that they recreate the night. They start kissing, which is really inappropriate in the office. Zoe breaks off and tells Noel that he should really go to the party, because it's his account.

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