Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

Felicity and Meghan sit at the table in the loft. Felicity reads a magazine while Meghan waxes her legs. You heard me. Felicity asks what time it is, and Meghan says that it's 6:15 PM. Felicity wonders where Ben is, and Meghan suggests that perhaps Lauren had to return all of her six-packs for the nickel refund, and now she's rich. Okay, I know it's really wrong to make fun of someone who has a drinking problem, but Meghan's continued jokes on the subject crack me up. Meghan rips the wax from her legs and yelps, and the phone rings. Meghan answers and looks upset. Felicity asks what's wrong.

Cut to Felicity walking into a hospital. The desk clerk is played by the same actress who played the Marcie, the woman with the dead guy in her closet in Magnolia. Wow, she was also Life on Six Feet Under. I did not know that. Felicity asks Marcie about Ben's condition. Marcie asks if Felicity is a family member. Felicity says that she's his girlfriend, and just wants to know if Ben is okay. Marcie slowly gets up and looks up something on a computer, and then informs Felicity that it says that Ben is in surgery. Felicity asks if Ben is going to be okay, and Marcie says that she doesn't have any more information, and then walks away. Why are hospital desk clerks always so uncaring on television? The ones I've met in real life are at least polite, if not always forthcoming with information.

Felicity spots Lauren lying on a bed in an exam room. She walks in and says hello, and then asks if Lauren is okay, and if the baby is okay. Lauren says uncomfortably that they are both fine. Felicity tells Lauren that Ben is still in surgery. Lauren looks surprised to hear that. Felicity asks what happened. Lauren starts crying and talking about how some car just ran right into them. Felicity can't believe that Lauren was driving. Lauren says that she didn't see him coming. A doctor walks up and introduces himself as Dr. Stern. He asks Lauren how she's feeling. Felicity steps back to give him some room. Lauren says that she's okay. Dr. Stern starts to talk about Lauren's bloodwork, then turns and asks Felicity if they can have a minute. Felicity says sure and steps away, and Dr. Stern pulls the curtain, like that gives you any privacy. Luckily, Dr. Stern continues talking in a nice loud voice as he tells Lauren that she's not anemic, but that her blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, so they have to call the cops. The camera stays on Felicity throughout this speech, so we get to see her shocked and angry reaction. Lauren says okay, and Dr. Stern opens the curtain back up. Felicity and Lauren stare at each other, and then Felicity walks away.

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