Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

The party for Noel and Sean's client, Waldron, is in a bar somewhere. Sean spots Noel across the room and walks over. Why is Noel always in a suit and Sean is dressed like he's going to spend the day watching the game on television? Sean says that he's figured out what's going on. Noel doesn't know what Sean is talking about, and Sean says he's referring to "the whole Zoe thing." Noel still doesn't think there's a problem, and Sean points out that Zoe is sitting at the bar, talking to some guy named Dwayne, who is apparently their contact at Waldron. Sean says that he found out that Zoe and Dwayne used to date, and Dwayne is the reason that Zoe was depressed. Noel wants to know Sean's sources, but Sean won't give it up. For like one second, and then he admits that Pauline told him. Noel doesn't think it makes sense, since Dwayne has been around for weeks and Zoe didn't say anything about it. Sean points out that they've been "courting the enemy." The characters on this show should just put a moratorium on ever listening to Sean or Meghan about anything. Those two are just the bad-advice couple.

Richard and Elena walk into the party. Richard can't believe that Elena didn't wear something sexier. Probably because she's pregnant and trying to hide her stomach. Again, just my theory. Richard says that the girl he is into is totally PC and not into material things so "[Elena] being here is plenty." They reach a sign-in table and Richard says that the girl will be really impressed. Elena asks what Richard is talking about. Richard says that she'll be impressed with him for "showing up with a black chick." Elena is indignant, and can't believe that Richard invited her just because she's black. Richard explains that he's just trying to look more "culturally diverse, a man of the people. Like Bono." Elena hauls off and slugs Richard right in the face. Richard falls to the floor and Elena stalks off.

Meghan is cooking at the loft, when the phone rings and she answers it. It's Felicity. Meghan asks how Ben is, and Felicity says that he's still in surgery. Meghan offers to come down, but Felicity says that it's okay, and then tells Meghan that Lauren was drunk. Felicity adds that Lauren is currently talking to the cops. Meghan says that the cops should be arresting her. Felicity expresses her incredulity that Lauren was drunk, especially since she's pregnant. Felicity starts to say something about what she'll do if something happens to Ben, and Meghan assures her that Ben will be fine. There's a short silence, and then Meghan says that she called Professor Carnes to reschedule. Felicity had totally forgotten about it. Felicity thanks Meghan, who offers again to come down. Felicity says that she needs to be there alone. Meghan asks her to call as soon as she hears anything about Ben, and adds, "And if you need, I don't know, food or a magazine or someone to scream at the nurses for you, whatever -- just call me, okay?" Felicity promises that she will and hangs up.

Back at the Waldron party, Zoe tells Noel that he looks cute. Noel asks why she didn't tell him about Dwayne. Zoe doesn't know what he's talking about. Noel says that he feels weird because he's spent all this time courting him. Zoe says that Noel did a great job, hence the party. Noel says that now he finds out that Zoe dated Dwayne and was in love with him, and he feels like an idiot. Zoe suggests that he might feel like a really big idiot. Noel agrees. Zoe says that she never dated Dwayne, and in fact, just met him last week. Noel realizes that she's telling the truth and excuses himself to go tell Sean that Zoe never dated Dwayne. Sean finds Pauline, whose hair is much less flippy this week. Sean wants Pauline to repeat what she said about Zoe dating Dwayne. A very drunk Pauline claims that she never said that. Sean reminds her of the circumstances of their conversation, where Pauline pointed at Dwayne and said that he was the guy who dated Zoe before Noel. Pauline remembers, but then adds that when she got closer, she realized that Dwayne wasn't the right guy at all. D'oh! And, duh.

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