Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

Lauren walks into the hospital waiting room, accompanied by two cops. Felicity is snoozing, but she wakes up in time to see them walk by, and then to see Lauren walking away from the cops. She stands up and runs outside, calling to Lauren to wait. Felicity asks Lauren where she's going. Lauren says she's going to the police impound lot to get all of her stuff. Felicity asks if she's coming back to the hospital afterwards, and Lauren says that she doesn't know. I can't believe that the cops just let her go; what if Ben dies? Couldn't she be charged with manslaughter or something? I mean, I know Ben's not going to die, but the cops don't know that, and it seems like they would want to make sure Lauren stuck around. Felicity reminds Lauren that Ben is in surgery, but Lauren has no response. Felicity says that Lauren is unbelievable, and that she thinks Felicity and Ben are selfish, but she's the selfish one. Felicity screams that Lauren doesn't think about anyone but herself. Lauren says that she doesn't need to explain herself to Felicity as she starts to get into a cab. Felicity still can't believe that Lauren is just going to leave. Felicity adds, "You know who I feel sorry for? That baby you're having. Because it has you for a mother." Ouch. And, burn. Lauren gets into the cab and drives away, and Felicity stomps back towards the hospital.

A nurse lets Felicity into Ben's hospital room. Has anyone called Ben's parents? Is Ben's dad still in New York? So many questions. Felicity walks into the room, where Ben is still lying in the bed unconscious. He doesn't looks so good; he's got an oxygen mask on, and his head is bandaged. Felicity wipes away some tears and sits down. She reaches out and holds Ben's hand. She wipes her sleeve across her face and looks generally stricken.

Sean and Noel walk home from the party. Sean is giving Noel shit for not leaving the party with Zoe. I think Sean is a little too interested in Noel's sex life, or lack thereof, especially since his wife is practically living at Felicity's place. Noel tells Sean to bugger off, and that it's late and they were tired. Sean responds that Noel and Zoe are too young to be too tired to have sex. Yeah, because Meghan is practically a senior citizen. Noel pauses to look at a painting of a naked woman in a shop window and then realizes that he has a problem. Noel says that Zoe likes him, but something's wrong and he doesn't know what it is. Sean asks if Zoe ever says that she's not in the mood. Noel says no. Sean says that's good because when a woman says she's not in the mood, then it means there's something fundamentally wrong, like Noel's odor. Yeah, a woman couldn't possibly say that she's not in the mood because she's, you know, not in the mood. Noel asks if he smells, and Sean says that he doesn't, but that everyone has a basic scent, and sometimes one person just finds another person's scent repulsive. I have to say that I've never had that happen, but I don't get close enough to most people that I can sniff them. Sean says that it would be out of Noel's control anyway. Noel says that he doesn't want to have this conversation, then asks Sean what else it could be. Sean offers up, "Your height, your voice, the way you kiss." If Zoe were repulsed by any of those things, why would she be going out with Noel in the first place? She had her chance to dump him already. Noel tells Sean that he's horrible at making him feel better. Sean says that he likes the way that Noel smells, and then Sean has an idea. This is going to be bad, I think. Sean advises Noel to get some flowers and wine and go see Zoe right now. Noel thinks that Zoe is probably in bed. Sean says that it's spontaneous. Noel thinks that it's desperate. Sean shouts that it's romantic, which gives Noel pause. I think that it's inconsiderate to stop by without calling, but I'm old and dried up.

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