Ben Don't Leave

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Ben Don't Leave

Lauren carries two cups of tea into Ben's room, where Felicity is sleeping in a chair. I would say something about the caffeine and Lauren's pregnancy but it's probably herbal tea, and after getting drunk, I guess a little caffeine isn't that big of a deal. Also, I don't care. Lauren hands Felicity a cup of tea and says that Felicity should probably go home. Felicity says that she's going to stay in the hospital tonight. Lauren says that she's going to get a hotel room or something. Felicity hesitates, knowing what the right thing to do is, but not really wanting to do it. Finally, she offers to let Lauren sleep in her apartment. Lauren chuckles and says she doesn't think so. Felicity assures her that it's okay.

Cut to Felicity and Lauren walking into Felicity's room. Felicity shows her the bed and tells her where the fresh towels are. I'm so impressed that a college student actually has fresh towels. Felicity says that she just needs to pick up a few things and then she's going to head back to the hospital. Felicity notices that there are messages on the answering machine, so she plays them. The first one is some guy for Javier. The next one is Carnes saying that she can't reschedule the meeting, so it's still the next morning at 8:30. Carnes reminds Felicity to bring her sources. Felicity puts her head in her hands. Lauren walks in and asks if Felicity is okay, and Felicity shakes it off and goes back to gathering some things for the hospital. Lauren walks up and reminds Felicity of when she said that it must be hard for Lauren to go through this. Lauren was just thinking that it must be hard for Felicity too. Felicity shrugs it off. Lauren says that she put Felicity in an impossible position. Okay. I seriously refuse to believe that even someone as emotionally damaged as Lauren is supposed to be would just now be thinking about the effect that her pregnancy, which she has known about for five months, would have on Felicity. Especially given all of the discussions that she's had with Ben about Arizona versus New York. At some point, she had to think that Ben wanted to stay in New York because of Felicity, and then think something about Felicity and her reaction to the whole situation. I've come across some pretty self-absorbed people in my life, but none that bad. I just think it's a continuation of the poor characterization of Lauren in this episode, where the writers are manipulating the characters to further their plots without giving any thought to whether the actions are true to the characters as presented thus far. And that's something that this show has rarely done, until this season. Sigh. Felicity says that she wishes she had done things differently, and Lauren says that she wishes that she had too. Felicity looks at her sharply and then says that she's going back to the hospital. Lauren stops her and says thank you. Felicity says good night and leaves.

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