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Previously on Felicity: Avery got shot, and Ben accompanied her in the ambulance; Ben received an expensive watch from Avery for saving her life; Felicity disliked Avery; Avery told Ben how much she was thinking about him. It's all Avery, Avery, Avery!

The show begins with a close-up on the Apple logo on Knoll's notebook computer. He and Felicity are sitting at the table in the loft while Sean cooks something on the stove. Knoll is reading the viewer feedback on Loser Pet Store. He laughs as he reads, "Loser Pet Store is right. This animated series gets worse every week." Felicity begs him to stop reading because it only confirms that they "have no talent." Knoll disagrees and says, "This guy hates it but he can't stop watching it, which really means that he loves it." Heh, unless he's getting paid to watch it, like say, all of the Mighty Big TV recappers. Nobody watches Charmed or Making the Band strictly because they love to hate it. They do it for the money, kids. Well, that, and the love and adoration of you, the readers. But mostly for the money. Sean exhorts Knoll to tell Felicity about a job offer he's received from a "Seattle-based internet firm." They want to meet with Knoll based on what they saw in the first five episodes of Loser Pet Store and in his portfolio at noelcrane.com. If he takes the job, that dot-com is sure to go mams up within a month -- if it hasn't before he evens has an interview. Knoll reports that Avery says "it rains less in Seattle than it does in New York." Is Avery getting her degree in meteorology? What the hell does she know about average rainfalls? Felicity greets this tidbit by letting her tongue loll out, as if she were about to vomit. Knoll says, "What?" Felicity asks him, "Are you really still hanging around with her?" Sean interjects, "Yeah, they are." Knoll tells him to shut up, and then tells Felicity he's about to meet up with Avery in an hour; he invites Felicity to come along. Felicity declines the offer, adding, "You know, you only like her because she looks like Ruby." Knoll replies, "No, no, she looks nothing like Ruby." Sean laughs. Meghan comes into the kitchen announcing that she has to go to the store to pick up tomato juice because "Chris is going to be here in a few hours...and that's the extent of my hosting." Felicity quizzically says, "Chris?" Meghan gives her the stink-eye. Sean rushes over to tell Felicity and Knoll that Chris is a filmmaker who "had a short at the Sundance Film Festival." Sean is going to show her a "rough cut of the Docuventary," ordering, "And you're all required to be there." Meghan sums it up as "pretty much the worst weekend ever."

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