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The camera closes in on a game of Boggle (probably tm) and I get all distracted in trying to find words and fail miserably, and then I have to rewind to hear what the hell Felicity was saying. FVO tells Sally that she's never been confused; she adds that something has happened that Sally won't believe, but Felicity doesn't know how to talk about it. We see that it's Felicity and Knoll playing Boggle, like, could there be a less sexy board game? I just asked J-Dawg to name a less sexy board game, and he said you would be hard-pressed to find one, so it's not just me. ["Mille Bornes?" -- Wing Chun] FVO tells Sally that she and Knoll have been hanging out because she finds Knoll comforting. Close-up on the timer running out of sand as FVO says that they could go to each other for anything, and that they had an understanding. Felicity accuses Knoll of cheating. Felicity starts reading her words to see how many Knoll also had, and thus determine the score (for those of you who've never played the game.) Knoll stares at her lovingly, and the voice track disappears as Knoll is beguiled by Felicity's beauty, I guess. Sexy music plays in the background. Felicity's last word is "hickey," and Knoll leans over and kisses her.

In her room, Felicity explains to Sally that she has to back up. Felicity thinks that she and Ben have been getting closer. Cut to Felicity weighing a package in the mailroom. Ben walks up and greets her. He makes small talk about pre-approved credit cards, and their high interest rates. Ben says that he's tempted to use the credit card, and Felicity asks what he would buy. Ben doesn't know. Felicity invites him to join her for dinner in the cafeteria. Ben says that he can't, because he's training to try out for the track team. Felicity mentions Ben's high school successes in that area. Ben seems flattered. Felicity wishes him luck, and Ben taps her on the shoulder as he leaves, then squeezes it. Felicity is totally focused on that squeeze as Ben says that if he had the credit card, he'd buy a couple of good pairs of running shoes. Felicity grins as she leaves.

FVO tells Sally that she and Julie are "sort of at an impasse," but that she's sure it'll be fine. In the laundry room, Julie loads clothes into a washing machine. Felicity walks in, and they greet each other awkwardly. Felicity offers up a dryer sheet, but Julie uses fabric softener. There's more awkward conversation until Julie finally accepts the dryer sheet. Felicity takes that as an opening to apologize for accusing Julie of lying, when Julie was just trying to be a good friend. Julie says that Felicity kept reminding her that she could do what she wanted with Ben, but Julie was so busy trying to protect Felicity that she lost sight of what she wanted for herself. Felicity asks what Julie wanted. Julie says that she had a good time with Ben. Felicity says that Julie should date Ben if she wants. Julie says that she's just going to do what she wants to do, which is what she should have done all along. Felicity looks nervous, but agrees.

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