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Just then, a guy yells out "dammit" from the other side of the laundry room. It's Brian Krakow, and he thinks that someone put red food coloring into his laundry. He's very angry. Julie walks over and investigates as Krakow examines some pink underwear. Julie pulls a red shirt out of his washer and asks whether he's ever washed it before. Krakow says that he's never washed anything before. Julie suggests that he not mix whites with colors. Krakow thinks that they should tell you that on the box. Felicity points out that they do. Julie turns to Felicity and says that she feels much better about things between them. Felicity says that she does, too. Julie leaves, and Krakow grabs a handful of his laundry, lamenting that everything is pink. You know, I've been doing laundry for years, and I mix whites and colors all the time, and I've never turned anything pink. Well, that's not quite true. One time, I turned things slightly blue, but I just took out the blue article of clothing, and rewashed the load, and all the blue came out. Just call me Heloise, because I'm handing out hints.

Felicity is in Chemistry lab as the harried male TA with the obligatory ponytail hands out copies of their first experiment. He instructs the students to find a lab partner, and suggests that they look for someone they don't despise too much. Felicity looks at the girl seated next to her, who totally disses Felicity by getting up and walking away. Felicity looks around the room and sees Elena sitting alone, also looking around the room. They see each other looking and share a smile. Aw.

While working on the experiment, Elena asks Felicity whether she went to private school. Felicity says she didn't and asks why Elena thought so. Elena asks whether Felicity is good at chemistry. Felicity can't believe that Elena's asking whether Felicity's going to drag down her grade, and says that she got an A in AP Chemistry. Elena says that Felicity can't get mad at her for asking, and Felicity claims that she's not mad. Elena explains that she's straightforward and asks questions when she has them. Felicity's all, "Apparently." After a pause, Elena asks Felicity whether she's sleeping with the RA. Felicity is shocked and tells Elena that she's unbelievable. They bicker some more, and Felicity says she's not sleeping with him. Elena thinks that Knoll is cute, even though "white guys don't usually do it for [her]." Felicity is doubtful about Knoll's cuteness; Elena says that she didn't see it at first, and then she suddenly found herself wondering whether he had a girlfriend. Felicity stares at Elena.

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