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In the cafeteria, Julie sees Brian Krakow wearing a newly pink oxford shirt over a pink t-shirt. She asks whether he's tried bleach, and he says that he has, twice. Julie tries to cover by saying that pink is fine, but Krakow confesses that his whole wardrobe is now pink, and that people call him "The Pink Guy." Krakow says that his favorite jeans have a pink glow. Julie tries to look on the bright side, saying that at least now he knows better than to mix his whites and colors. Krakow says that he'll never forget Julie, if only because of that, and she smiles, so he asks where she's sitting. They grab their trays and head for a table together.

Felicity works in the admission office, looking at files. Knoll barges in and says that they need to talk. Felicity says that she agrees because she's "a big believer in dealing with issues." Heh. Felicity says that they will talk "shortly, for sure," and Knoll presses her to set a specific time. Felicity keeps dodging the issue and making excuses, very awkwardly, finally agreeing to check her schedule and let Knoll know. Knoll replies, "Just for the record, you've never been weirder." Felicity says, "I know." Knoll walks out.

Krakow talks to Julie about the film school, and that it's competitive, but also a great experience. Julie asks whether he's showing his movie to people, but he says he's not yet. Julie makes a joke about his pink underwear.

Felicity walks in slow motion across the street as FVO tells Sally that the track was on her way home, so she dropped by, not knowing whether Ben would be there practicing. Felicity walks into the track and sees Ben running. FVO tells Sally that she remembers watching Ben run in high school, wondering how he learned to run like that. Scott Speedman's long curly locks float in the breeze -- another shot that is now memorialized in the credits. Also, in my opinion, this is about the worst Scott Speedman looked throughout the run of the series. I totally didn't see the attraction until he cut his hair.

Elena knocks on Felicity's door, but Meghan is sleeping inside. Elena asks after Felicity, and Meghan grumpily replies that Felicity is "probably in Noel's room, getting some." Elena is confused, so Meghan clarifies, "She's doing the RA!" Elena is surprised, and Meghan says, "I didn't think she had it in her either." Elena looks disgusted and walks out.

The next day in lab, Elena asks Felicity whether she's enjoying her new fridge. Elena keeps going on and on about the new fridge that Felicity just happened to get. Felicity calls her on it, and Elena says she's pissed at the way Felicity got the fridge. Felicity doesn't get it. Elena finally hisses, "I know about you and the resident advisor!" causing Felicity to drop a beaker on the floor. Everyone in the class turns and stares. Felicity starts to clean up. Elena kneels next to her and says that Felicity can't deny it because Felicity just "went whiter than usual." Felicity demands to know who told Elena, and Elena says, "That Halloween costume you live with." Elena is upset because Felicity started a "sexual conspiracy" over "a procedure as benign as a fridge lottery," and it makes her wonder what Felicity would do for something really important. Felicity can't believe that Elena thinks that she is dating Knoll to get an appliance. Elena clarifies that Felicity is dating Knoll and getting an appliance, and walks away.

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