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A horror movie plays on the lounge television, and a woman screams loudly as Felicity quickly marches over to Knoll's door, demanding that they talk. Knoll agrees, and points out that he has thought so for a while. The horror movie music continues in the background, as Felicity pulls Knoll around the corner. Felicity says that people are saying that the two of them are dating. Knoll asks how she feels about that. Felicity thinks that they need to figure out what's going on. Knoll agrees and says that he's made dinner reservations for the next night. Felicity wonders whether it's a date, but Knoll says it's just a dinner reservation to have a discussion. Felicity agrees to go as the horror movie music continues. Knoll walks away and FVO tells Sally that she and Knoll have "a maybe date."

Julie eats popcorn and watches Krakow's movie, which seems to be a film noir of some sort. The movie ends; Julie says that it was great, and that she loved "the writing and the angles." Krakow asks whether she has any suggestions. Julie says that she doesn't know anything about movies, but Krakow pushes her to say something. Finally, Julie asks about "that little squiggly line at the end." Krakow explains that it's a marker for an optical effect, and Julie feels dumb. Julie says that she didn't understand how Donny died. Krakow's face falls as Julie explains why it was confusing. Julie then says it was disorienting in another scene as Krakow explains that it's a technique and looks more and more pissed off. Julie is just getting warmed up, though, and brings up a boom in the shot. Krakow says that he needs to get back to work, like, get out Julie, and Julie finally realizes that she was kind of insensitive and says that the movie was really good. Krakow doesn't seem appeased, so Julie tries to apologize, but he dismisses her pretty harshly. Julie walks out.

We get an inside-the-fridge cam (which is another shot from the credits) as Felicity sees something that apparently disgusts her in there. Oh, it's a pair of leopard-print underwear. Felicity pulls them out just as Meghan walks in. Felicity asks whether they are Meghan's; Meghan says that they are, and that cold underwear "feels so good in the morning." I can neither confirm nor deny that statement. Felicity asks whether Meghan can avoid putting her underwear in the fridge in the future. Meghan protests, "They're not dirty!" Felicity asks about Felicity's apple, and Meghan says that she ate it because she thought they had an agreement. Felicity says that they don't have an agreement, because they've never had a conversation before. Meghan says that she replaced the apple. Felicity bends down and sees that she replaced it with a tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, which Meghan claims "tastes so much like butter." Felicity gets more upset and says that's not the point, and then asks why Meghan told Elena about Knoll. Meghan says that she was proud of Felicity. Felicity says that she's not dating Knoll, and that Meghan is spreading false rumors. Meghan says, "Fine! From now on, I'll keep my mouth shut and my underwear out of your fridge!" If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that line...

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