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Knoll and Felicity are seated at a fancy restaurant. Knoll catches Felicity looking at him. Felicity asks to be excused, and Knoll stands up when she leaves the table. He grabs some water out of his water glass and flicks it on his neck. Felicity goes to the pay phone and calls Julie. Felicity says that Knoll "looks really cute tonight." Julie asks whether Felicity is drinking. Heh. Felicity says that she's not, and explains that she had to call. Julie tells Felicity to take a deep breath and remember that she can do whatever she wants. Felicity takes a deep breath. Julie adds that Knoll is a great guy, and Felicity agrees. Julie tells her to have fun. Felicity thanks her and hangs up, then heads back to the table.

Once she's seated, Felicity asks when "the actual talking" starts. Knoll says that it can start now, and Felicity tells him to go first. Knoll says that he kissed her, and that she knows that, and that it's something he's wanted to do for a long time. He can't believe he did it, not because he wanted to for so long, or because he was nervous. Felicity asks why he can't believe it, then. Knoll says, "I can't believe I did it, because I have a girlfriend." Felicity looks taken aback and says, "What?" Knoll explains that his girlfriend is in Chicago. Felicity sputters and fumes as Knoll tries to backpedal. Knoll says that he wants to be honest. Felicity asks whether he knows what he is. Knoll suggests, "A philanderer?" Felicity raises her voice and says that Knoll is "a fake, a manipulative phony." Felicity tells Knoll that he is "every long-distance girlfriend's worst nightmare," and asks his girlfriend's name. Knoll manages to get out, "It's Hannah." Felicity stands up and says, "You're disgusting!" and when other patrons look at her, she repeats, "He's disgusting." Knoll asks her to sit down, so she does and hisses that she feels sorry for Hannah, because she's in Chicago while the man she loves is "on a maybe date with another woman." Knoll says that he's been a friend to Felicity and listened to her problems, gave her advice, gave her the fridge, and did everything he could to make her happy. Felicity asks what he means about giving her the fridge. Knoll admits that he made sure she got one. Felicity says that she feels physically and emotionally revolted. Knoll nods. Felicity leaves.

Felicity uses a blanket to drag her fridge down the hallway. She knocks on Elena's door, and then tries to give Elena the fridge. Elena says that she doesn't want "a pity fridge." Felicity explodes that it's not a pity fridge, and that she doesn't use it, so Elena can either take it or give it back to the university. Elena says that Felicity can use the fridge whenever she wants. Felicity thanks her, and Elena thanks her back. Felicity says that Knoll has a girlfriend, and leaves.

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