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At the track, Ben warms up for the tryout as Felicity watches from the stands. FVO says that it was just like high school, and relates a story about a time she watched Ben trying out in high school, quietly, wanting to cheer him on. Ben takes his mark. FVO tells us that Ben came in first in the tryouts in high school, and now she's in the same situation, three thousand miles away. The starter's gun goes off, and Ben starts running.

Knoll knocks on Felicity's door, and when there is no answer, walks in to find Meghan sitting there. Knoll asks where Felicity is, and Meghan tells him about the track team tryouts.

At the track, Felicity watches Ben running. FVO says that maybe one of the reasons Ben runs so fast is because he loves it, and that it must be amazing to be so good at something you love. Knoll walks in and sees Felicity watching Ben. Another runner passes Ben, and some people in the stands start cheering. A second runner closes in on Ben and Felicity whispers, "Come on! Come on!" The second runner also passes Ben. Felicity looks disappointed. Knoll looks over at Felicity and leaves without saying anything. A third runner passes Ben. Felicity looks devastated as Ben comes in last. Ben runs his hands through his hair and shakes the other guys' hands. He squats near the track, looking upset. Felicity just sits there.

Krakow goes to see Julie in her dorm room. He's still wearing a pink shirt as he apologizes for being "so reactive." Julie tells him he was a grump. Krakow explains that he didn't tell her that he hadn't shown the film to anyone before, so there was a lot riding on it. Julie tells him that he was still a grump. Krakow says that he was thinking about Julie's suggestions, and that he came up with some solutions, and that he would love for Julie to watch the movie again. Julie agrees to do that. They smile at each other.

In the cafeteria, Felicity sits alone. Knoll walks in and joins her, saying that he met Hannah his senior year of high school, when she was a junior, and that they've been going out for almost two years. Felicity stares at him. Knoll hands her a picture, and she looks at it and says that Hannah is pretty. Knoll says that he knows, and that last year, when he was a freshman, Hannah was in high school in Boston and they saw each other every weekend, but this year is different. Knoll says that they've agreed to see other people. So doesn't that mean that he doesn't really have a girlfriend? I've never understood that "seeing other people" thing, or "taking a break," either. You're either together, or you're not, in my mind. Knoll says that Hannah was his first girlfriend. Felicity wonders why Knoll's telling her all this. Knoll says that it wasn't fair of him to hang out with her, and that even though it may not seem true, he respects and loves Hannah. He kissed Felicity for a million reasons, but one of them is that he misses his girlfriend, and he's sorry for doing that. Felicity gives back the picture. Knoll takes her hand and they look at each other.

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