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Felicity makes another damn tape for Sally. As a recapper, I'm pretty glad that they got rid of this device, because it's kind of boring to type over and over. Anyway, as some sexy jazz plays in the background, Felicity tells Sally, "It was perfect. Just perfect." We pan down to see the perfection of Ben and Felicity sitting on a couch in Ben's loft, eating chips and salsa while studying. Ben stares at Felicity until she notices. She says, "What?" He says, "Don't move," and starts leaning towards her. She thinks he's going to kiss her, but instead, he wipes some salsa from her lip. They both laugh. Ben thinks that his paper is pretty good, but the spell check on his computer isn't working, so Felicity offers to run it through hers. He thanks her and hands her the disk. Felicity makes to leave; Ben offers to walk her downstairs, but she says he doesn't have to do that. He walks her to the door and they awkwardly pause. So much sexual tension! Finally, Ben reaches behind her and opens the door and she leaves. FVO says, "Perfect, right? I should have known."

"Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry plays as Felicity inserts the disk into her computer. Ben's paper appears on her screen, and Felicity starts reading. She runs the spell check, but then she starts making changes that are not related only to Ben's spelling. Felicity highlights an entire passage, deletes it, and then types an entirely new passage, smiling to herself. Cut to Felicity handing in both papers without Ben's ever seeing her changes.

Felicity and Julie get a meal in the cafeteria. Felicity describes her study date with Ben, lamenting that nothing happened. Julie thinks it was meaningful that he touched her teeth, and asks the cafeteria worker for her opinion. The cafeteria worker opines that "teeth are the most sensual part of the human body," and then starts relating a story about a friend and her husband, before realizing that it's probably too much information. Felicity and Julie giggle as they carry their trays to a table.

Krakow walks up behind Julie and Felicity, and tells Julie that she can't even think of blowing him off or canceling. Julie smiles and says that she wouldn't do that. Krakow explains that he had a dream that she did. They smile at each other some more, and Krakow takes off. Felicity asks Julie how things are going with Krakow; Julie says that they are going well, and that they are going to see some Russian movie. Felicity has seen it, and tells Julie that the movie is five hours long, and is about "a group of people trapped in a space station, speaking Russian, slowly, for five hours." Julie is suddenly not so excited about seeing the movie. Felicity says that she passed out watching it. Julie is worried that she won't understand the movie, and that Krakow will think she's a moron. Felicity tries to comfort her, but Julie isn't having it, saying that she can't go.

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