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Ben goes to a bank to try to get a loan. The loan officer says that Ben doesn't have any assets or credit history. Why can't he just get a student loan? Ben explains that if he doesn't pay his tuition by next week, he'll get kicked out and won't get any credit for the classes he took that semester. Ben says he'll work all summer and pay off the loan by September. The loan officer says it sounds like a good idea, but Ben would need to find someone to co-sign. He asks about Ben's parents, but Ben says no. The loan officer suggests "one of [Ben's] older, more settled friends."

Sean agrees to co-sign the loan. Ben is psyched. Sean says that "mentors are important." Ben says that he really appreciates it. Julie pops in and says that Ben wasn't in class. Ben says that he had a couple of things to do. Julie asks if she's interrupting something. Sean starts to explain what they were talking about, but Ben cuts him off to say that he was asking Sean to come to the library with him. Sean looks confused. Julie asks if Chloe is working, and Sean says she is. Julie says she got an A on her Psych paper and she wants to call her parents. After she leaves, Sean asks what the deal is. Ben says that Julie doesn't need to know everything because she would just worry about it. Sean says, "Yeah," but seems unconvinced.

Elena visits Felicity at Dean & Deluca. Felicity says she would be intimidated to work with McGrath, but Elena says it wasn't bad, although it was weird to see her professor getting emotional. Felicity jokes that he probably just read her outline. Elena tries to score some free coffee now that Felicity is in management, but Felicity doesn't go for it. Booger walks in, and Felicity comments that he's late as usual. Elena asks if he's the guy she's supposed to fire, and Felicity says he is. Booger apologizes for being late, but says he was doing volunteer work at the orphanage. Then he knocks over some plates. Elena thinks that Booger is lying to make Felicity feel sorry for him. Felicity clearly never even suspected such a thing.

Noel puts flyers under doors on his floor. Richard bursts out of his room in his boxers, sweating. He says that he's dehydrated and having hallucinations from the heat. Noel says he put in a call weeks ago to get Richard's heat fixed. Richard says that the guy came last night, and now his room is filled with steam. Noel promises to get it fixed, and tells Richard to stay somewhere else until that happens. Richard doesn't know where to go. Noel tells him to stay with friends. Richard makes a sad puppy face. Noel says that Richard must have other friends besides Noel. Richard makes a sadder puppy face. Noel relents and says Richard can stay with him, but only if he puts some clothes on.

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