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Ben talks to his mom on the phone. He promises her that everything is really good and then hangs up. He sits down and rubs his face, and then stares off into space. More "What the fuck am I going to do?" gestures ensue.

Elena explains the work she did for McGrath. He thinks for a minute, and then asks if she took any time off before she started school. Elena asks why, and he says she seems older than most freshmen. Elena explains that her mother died when she was young, so she grew up fast. McGrath hesitates and then says that when Elena saw him all emotional, it was because he just found out his ex-wife has lymphoma. Elena says she's sorry, and McGrath says that he is, too. Oh, just do it already.

Ben goes into a drawer and takes out a watch. He pulls out what looks like a jewelry box, but before he can open it, Julie walks into the room. He sees her, and tries to shove everything back into the drawer. She asks what's wrong, and he says it's nothing. She asks what he's doing. Ben sighs and says he was putting Sean's watch back, because he took it the night before and was going to sell it to a pawnshop. Julie has nothing to say. Ben says he knows that he's disgusting. Julie wonders why he doesn't ask his parents for help. Ben says he won't give his dad the satisfaction. Julie brings up his mom, and Ben yells at her to stop, because she doesn't know what she's talking about. Julie stares at him. Sean walks in and asks what's going on. Ben tells Julie to tell Sean what Ben did, because Sean should know. Ben walks out.

The next morning, Richard wakes Noel up and asks if he told Felicity about the internship yet. Noel hasn't told her. Richard asks why not. Noel asks what happens if Felicity doesn't care. Richard thinks Noel would rather know sooner than later, and Noel agrees. Richard thinks he and Noel should consider becoming roommates next year, because it's working out so well. Noel doesn't answer, and then pulls his pillow over his head.

Noel walks into Dean & Deluca and asks to speak to the manager. Felicity laughs. Noel says he found out some interesting news in the mail. Felicity keeps her back to him, doing work. Noel keeps talking and talking, trying to stall until she turns around so he can see her face when she hears the news. Felicity finally turns around and hands some coffee off to a customer. Noel tells her about the internship, and Felicity looks momentarily disappointed, but then says it's great and congratulates him. Noel is happy that she was sad. Felicity says he's looking at her weird. Felicity is distracted because Booger has showed up to work. Noel says he'll see her later. Felicity asks Booger why he's there. Booger says he thought about it and decided that Felicity can't fire him, because she's not the real boss.

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